Sandstorm every few mins

On official server 3519, I am getting a sandstorm every 3 to 5 mins or so.

Is this happening to anyone else?


Hey @Jelostas, is this issue still occurring?

@ Hugo
I can confirm very odd Sandstorm behavior over the past week or two.
Odd things I have encountered:
1.Oversaturation of lighting as Sandstorm passes over, some streaking in the sandstorm animation, no damage in this type of Sandstorm event.
2. Sandstorm hovering over the entry area desert for 10-20 minutes.
3. Taking Sandstorm damage, when no Sandstorm graphics present.
4. Increased frequency, (possibly duration) of Sandstorms in general.

All of the above have occurred on Official PVE-C Server #3828



Yes they are still occurring but less frequently than before. Everything that rollotomozi has mentioned is what was happening to me. As of right now official server 3519 has been missing for an hour or so.

Another thing I noticed was that the same npc’s are present (example Nordheimers blacksmith 1 - same hair and all, i remembered as I was thrall hunting) even after server restart, unless I kill them, they stay the same where as before they would change. Not sure if it is connected or not to the sandstorm issue.


Blinding white light, sand storms every few hours.

Yup they still happening

I thought it was just me…also the light issue that Hyb Jones said as well.

The blinding white light that appears in the middle of the screen every time theres a sandstorm. I thought its just my TV screen

Thank you for letting us know, we’ve forwarded this information to the team.


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