Sandstorm bug, white screen and no sandstorm


Another sandstorm … 27 minutes later.

This has happened to me twice. Both times I had joined an official server for the first time. I have not had it happen since I’ve been playing on the same server.

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Someone else mentioned this too over here:

This bug has existed for a long time, well over a year. Sometimes, a sandstorm comes, bringing the wind and sound effects, but instead of the screen darkening it gets OMG SO FREAKIN’ BRIGHT and stays that way until the “storm” passes. Sometimes, the sky is blue and clear and there’s no wind to speak of…and you’re slowly dying from an invisible sandstorm.

Sometimes–and this is the rarest of events–a sandstorm comes with the sound, the wind, AND the correct vfx.

Yeah. Old bug.

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