Sandstorm still very bright after update 2.4

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everytime sandstorm hits my screen becoming white, its really hurting my eyes and its not how sandstorm should be.

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  1. wait for sandstorm
  2. see only white flash

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I have the same problem but It was also before this update. maybe your PC is too weak like mine one.

then how when i started playing with the same pc it was fine? the sandstorm acting like this since couple of updates but it wasnt like that forever… i’m not sure if the potato pc is connected to it becouse i do had perfect sandstorms and nothing like this bright ones

Same, have to stop because just can’t see anything.
But just as X3kat, since long before the patch.

Hi @AstroPony, this is an older issue that does not result from nor was addressed in the latest patches, which will be addressed in a future update.


thank you very much for confirming this.

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