So what happened to the sandstorm?!

Hey gang!

I just started playing again after a good while away (maybe a year?) And got stuck in a sandstorm, as it goes. Except it was very different lol!!

So now the screen becomes blindingly white and you can’t see at all. Is that on purpose?

Im running an rtx 3060oc on ultra 4k, but all my pals had the same thing, playing with everything from a 2060 super to the unbelievable 3090, so I’m concluding its not a graphics thing lol.

Is this intended?! Cause if you where to ask for my opinion I definitely liked the old way better :wink:.

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Well, were all on 3rd gen ryzen cpus and playing through steam on a rented server. And on windows 10 ,:crazy_face:

Other than that our systems are different. But now that you mention it, my one friend was killed in a sandstorm that didn’t happen to anyone else, but we’re all experiencing the white out.

Is this a server cache kinda thing? That would be the only true common denominator for all of us.

I mean, my rig is 16gigs of 3200 mghz ram (2 sticks of 8) a ryzen 7 3700x at 5%oc, rtx 3060 12gb vram oc, my whole system and library filling up 500gb of a 1t m.2ssd samsung 970 evo plus with 1t of barracuda ssd backup (internal and irrelevant lol) and enough RGB to signal planes to land in stormy weather.

So room for cache is certainly there, monitoring my system and I don’t get even close to maxing out any of my memory, video included, and my tv maxes out at 60fps, of which I do not dip below.

From what im gathering on the forums here, it looks like a server end bug. I won’t pretend to know much about code though lol.

It’s not a server-side bug. Here’s what happens: when you log into a server, your client kicks off a special “fake sandstorm”. It follows the same path as a regular sandstorm, but it’s only occurring on your client and, therefore, deals no damage. It also happens to be rendered differently in terms of lighting and whatnot, so you get that “holy crap I’m blind” whiteout effect that you mentioned :slight_smile:

I don’t know 100% sure why this happens, but other people have postulated a simple explanation that sounds right to me: when you create a new character on a server, the client will play a cinematic sequence after that but before you get to play, and that sequence includes a sandstorm. The bug seems to cause the client to kick off the sandstorm required for that sequence on each login.


I did not know that. That does make sense since I notice the bug early after I log in. Not when I been on for a long while.


This issue has been around in some form for awhile.
I am not sure what the official position is currently, but I went back and searched for a few older posts on the issue.


True, its been around for a long while which is why there is 2 mods with the bug fix. SandstormEX Fix and Sandstorm Reroutinator mods.

Granted, not sure its fixes 100% of the time, but I do not recall seeing the issue when I had the mod.


That sounds about as good an explanation as any. It only happens right after you log in. most likely the code is corrupt for the cinematic and just recycles randomly when you log in. They should save it and let it run in the far north as a blizzard.

…or … or it’s part of the game. Remember Conan gets awful close to your crotch, then knocks down the corpse tree, then you still have to crawl through another storm. Then you res in the Exiled Lands. To me, being brought in on the storm makes much more sense than logging in to some remote terminal in my house in Colorado.

In the old days, you could tell when ppl logged on by the storms. Didn’t need to run your player hud.

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Looking for the answer to this, I spolied some of the story so read at your own risk.

It would make sense only if I had the h**** of the Sands and I am now suffering like P****** the Sands(REDACTED).

So, redacted even further, just incase…lol.

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Lol thats super strange in my mind, but makes sense. When it happened at first I thought I fried my graphics card again! Lol.

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Not always the case. I would say the majority of the sandstorms I get while playing, are bright beyond ridiculous, even after playing for a while. I believe it started after Funcoms “lighting” update a couple patches ago.

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