Invisible Sand Storms?!?! Anyone Else?

Is anyone else getting these?

I will be into a task, and suddenly I am taking damage with blood spurts on my screen… it takes few seconds to see the Sandstorm text on the left edge… the tell tails and the actual storm visuals and audible do not happen, but the damage sure does…Twice in the last 36 hours ( thankful to always have my sand mask with me!)

I’ve seen these on the private server I play on. It seems to mostly occur on the first sandstorm that happens after I log in. Subsequent sandstorms are rendered appropriately.

Yea pretty common it seems,I’ve had it many times and I’ve seen complaints about it in global too.

I’ve only ever had this happen immediately after log in, and it’s neen pretty rare. The other weird one I’ve noticed is that it’s ‘night’ in that I see stars and the moon, but generally things are pretty well lit up.

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Yes sometimes. i suspect if we are not logged in when the game starts the sandstorm commands eg show the black spec particles across the map etc then we do not see any of the sandstorm visual effects but take the damage.

I got this once as well, I was out killing Dogs of the Desert and started taking sandstorm damage under a clear blue sky. I was a tad confused, to say the least.

Each time I have experienced this , I had been logged on for along time. so I do not think that the timing of log-on and storm starting has anything to do with it…

This is called Catch Up Time. After you start playing the weather is good. After 10 minutes you go to the weather and day night cycle that the rest of the server has. Its under admin server settings in the day night cycle part.

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