Fake sandstorms

Game mode: Online official, Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict, PvE
Region: US

Sandstorms that deal no damage are still spawning. They look similar to normal sandstorms, but with two differences (apart from lack of damage):

  • There’s no flying debris effect before the storm starts, only a change in the lighting and clouds.
  • Once the player is in the sandstorm, everything looks much brighter.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Play on an official or a private server.
  2. Notice the lighting is changing.
  3. Look at the sky and notice that a sandstorm is coming.
  4. Notice there is no flying debris announcing it.
  5. Stand still until the storm comes over you.
  6. Notice that everything is too bright and you’re not taking any damage.

To precise a little bit more this bug , it’s only occuring one time , and it’s about 2 minutes after you log in , so my guess is it’s tied to the fake sandstorm you have after character creation , but has spread to on login too ?

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It’s been around for a while now. It wasn’t introduced in the latest update, or the hotfixes for it.

It happens mostly after login, but I’ve also seen it happen on other occasions. I can’t be sure, but it might also be triggered by the Pippi “/home” command, but not consistently. I’ll try to keep track and see if I can produce additional info.

These happened to me on the regular on a private server. Not just immediately following login, and frequently having nothing to do with the /home command. I would actually see the flying debris that presaged the coming of a sandstorm, look up on the horizon and see the looming wall of sand, and prepare accordingly. Except…no real sandstorm. Lots of wind (as evidenced by pieces of my outfit fluttering wildly), and INSANE AMOUNTS OF BLOOM. No damage whatsoever. Eventually the “storm” would pass, lighting would go back to normal, and I could go on with whatever I was doing. The ratio of fake sandstorms to real ones seemed to be roughly 4:1. I don’t know if this same bug is involved in the “invisible sandstorm” issue, but probably 1/2 the real ones we had were completely invisible–no debris, no wind, no nothing, just suddenly taking damage.

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Thats a bug??? I thinked it is Heatwave … it happens only to me in UC and Noob river…

By now i think, maybe north will be Blizzards or something… while in desert : Heatwave and Sandstorms :D…

The sandstorm is actually part of the game’s lore. Ancient history, if you will. Blizzards up north would be pretty cool, though.


well I am speaking for officials servers with no mod , PVE-C europe , we all see this only at login around 2 minutes after login , and only of course if your base is located in a sand area (area where normal sandstorm occur )
Also my guess is mods can make it happen more often ( like if you have moded waypoints accross your base and another outpost or added other types of waypoints that may use the same command than /home in a alternative way … so the easiest way for them to fix it , is to know how the bug happens on officials servers since it’s the ones they can test :slight_smile:

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Yes… I had idea about them … but i have too much ideas and nobody read what i write mostly xD

I had idea that there can me 4 weather types

  1. Sandstorm that happens in desert ( already in game)
  2. Heatwave that happens in desert but rare and only in places where is no waterstreams nearby
  3. Blizzard that happens on north side of map - give frost bite and only survival possibility may be not only home, means u need also Bonfire/campfire thats heats u up in storm + small shelter (tents will gain some use in game not only decors)
  4. Water pillars ( Hurricane) ,happens on East side of map on jungle and islands - Imagine Water tornado over jungle and islands , could be useful for next map update, like if u are on some boat or something u loose control and HP ( if u dont have water breathing mask)

Now only problem what to add to map middle part :smiley: there is only visual rain that soaks tru even roofs…

Experienced on a dedicated server with no mods, twice. The first indication was the bleed effect. I did not notice bloom and had to look at the sandstorm icon to determine needing the mask.

I was farming demon blood and had been online several hours, running up and down the river.

Again, no mods and well after login.



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The blizzards in alpha were terrifying and cool, TimeLord75!

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