Fake sandstorms on every login

Game mode: Server (private)
Problem: Bug
Region: N/A

This is a weird one, but completely reproducible on my private server. This is a G-portal server for Xbox, so there are no mods. This just started happening after the last patch.

I will login, and like clockwork, about 5 minutes later there will be a “sandstorm”. You get the visual and audio effects (most visual changes, roaring wind, etc.) but it’s not actually a sandstorm. There is no damage, and unlike a real sandstorm, it doesn’t actually get darker. So you get this bizarre glare and washed out appearance, but with full lighting in the daytime.

This happens every time on login. And it happens across server restarts, so this isn’t a one-time glitch where something has gone sideways. I’m presuming this is strictly a client-side issue, where it’s getting confused and thinks there’s a sandstorm when there really isn’t one.

I’ve also noticed that now when there are actual sandstorms after this happens, the client won’t show the effects, but will damage you (this, however, is an old bug that has existed since launch, so I’ll mention it but don’t know if the two are related).

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login to server
  2. Wait for approx. 5 minutes
  3. Sandstorm effects are shown (wind, visual changes) but no debuff
  4. Logout, go back to step 1.

Pve official server 2010 the same thing with the sandstorms on login

I paid specific attention to the issue while I was out harvesting (in the general area of Sepermaru) and there does seem to be a specific sequence:

  1. Login, ~5 minutes later there’s a “fake” sandstorm (broken effects, no damage)
  2. ~10 minutes later, there’s a sandstorm with normal effects and damage
  3. Subsequent sandstorms occur at normal interval, but with no effects, only damage
  4. Logout, and the sequence starts over again when you log back in

Also, in all cases where the sandstorm does damage (you see the “sandstorm” icon and the blood spatter), it’s so minimal that I effectively take no damage as long as I have the soothing buff (I don’t have passive health regen in my harvesting build). If I’m cold/hot, then it does do some damage, but much less than normal.

Basically, at this point it’s safe to say that sandstorms are completely broken. Either they do nothing except for visual changes, or have virtually no negative effects.

Edit: I’m left wondering if this significant reduction in damage from the sandstorm, and the significant reduction in damage from falling, are related somehow to an overall change in environmental damage? Who knows? But I find it curious. Might go take a stroll through some lava tomorrow.

Hi @Megaton238, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll be sure to poke the team in regards to this issue.

This “GLARE” issue with the sandstorms happens on both XBOX (g-portal private servers) and PC private servers.

Sometimes you can see the sandstorm, but get the glare. Other times the sandstorm is invisible. On the XBOX private g-portal server we had 3 sandstorms near the SINKHOLE within 60 minutes of game time.

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