Seriously buggy game atm

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: EU

I literally bought an SSD to make this game not be unplayable when my friends have no issue at all. They are both in my hometown and I actually have faster internet than them. I’m using a regular ps4 with SSD with conan loaded on it. Upon spawning in there are no doors spawned and I cant leave my own base for at least 10 minutes when they appear eventually. The same goes for benches and other things. Structures remain intact although today I couldn’t even go upstairs it kept making me fall through my base and when I removed bracelet to respawn I respawned inside my house. This Is on eu pve_c 3041. After a while everything syncs up and the game is playable but for the life of me i cant find what’s causing this. My brother and friend spawn in and right away they are free to do what they want and it’s so infuriating. Sometimes sandstorms are happening with no visual or sound and I’m taking damage and sometimes I’m in the middle of a sandstorm taking no damage. Last night I was fighting enemies in the day time and all of a sudden it became night in a split second and I fell and died . Please help

Sounds like an older PVE(C) problem. I left the pvec servers because of the wait to spawn. Try playing pvp.

That is normal. Do you hear the wights?

Why do my clan not experience any of this. Plus I was on regular pve server and this was happening too

For whatever reason the Sandstorm does happen a lot without any visual, not sure why that is, but I used to have similar loading issues until I got a PS5. I was using the original PS4 (I know you’ve upgraded the SSD) and it was horrible, it is literally a different game on PS5. I see details I never did, and loading and lagging during intense fights (PVE Purges) isn’t an issue at all. I know going out and buying a PS5 isn’t the answer, but I just figured I’d chime in because it may not fully be the game’s fault, it could partly be the PS4. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, good luck!

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Have you ever tried hooking up your PS4 to your friends network? No idea if this would have any effect at all, just curious.

Also, how did you install the game on your new SSD. Was it a transfer from the old HDD or a new download?

You could also try rebuilding your PS4’s database, it might help. You can find easy instructions for that on Google.