Disappointed and disheartening

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Performance | Misc]
Region: Europe

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Own a PlayStation and Conan
    2 play the game and enjoy it
  2. Uninstall it it complete disaffection due to it being unplayable

Seriously who ever made this game you ruined it, I really enjoyed this game and sunk 20-30+ hours into it only to delete it in frustration because lag renders the game unplayable! The occasional rubber band when going about scavenger duties isn’t that bad (until you rubber band through a invisible enemy settlement get caught on a invisible wall and killed by a invisible enemy) but when it’s comes to fighting boses or pvp the lag makes this makes unplayable and rage inducing seriously. I know you said upgrade the PlayStation hardrive but it shouldn’t of been released if it didn’t work period I’m annoyed because I was really enjoying it but cannot bring myself to put up with the ridiculous lag I would have spent money on the game if you had given enough care and attention to make sure it was playable but now I just hate the game thanks


Almost there. I feel the same. Most annoying thing in my server is the fact that when I fast travel when I get to the location of the obelisk I die. Due to the game spawning me in before I have control of my character. Which usually results in me getting killed by a panther or two WHILE spawning in the game. Not cool at all.


An SSD upgrade for your playstation makes a huge difference with in game client render lag. It should really be listed as a requirement for optimal gameplay. The difference in gameplay is too great, especially in PVP.

Yeah I noticed that I popped to a rivals base to say hello lol, after annoying him for a little letting him kill me ect I run him to my rawhide roll… that’s when I noticed he can kill me in spawn before I move… not the worst thing about the game, maybe a 3s spawn shield or something. I have come across practically unreadable bases, they should fix the land claim so that the area is very small and the only way to claim the whole land is to compete a box/circle w.e and everything in that is claimed land until the box/circle is broken then you have the small areas of land claim from structures. This will make it’s more practical to raid sky bases that spam a spider web of sandstone around it to prevent treb attacks. (Obviously this will still be affective but it would cost the raider a more reasonable amount of resource to destroy) especially considering how cheap a sandstone foundation is

I actually just spent £70 on a ssd drive for the sole purpose of playing Conan… £70 that could of been spent on dlc. I feel exploited, but since playing conan all my games have been put to the side even sekiro which I was waiting for a long time to get. I really hope it’s fixes the issues I been having. Although I just lost my greater tiger and best armour weapon tools ect when farming rocknose king :frowning: died due to lag and that was the cherry I didn’t bother going back to get my stuff I figured I wasn’t going to play it anymore.

Well tbh I would blame console makers for not actively encouraging gamers to upgrade to SSD for newer games coming out. A lot of games perform so much better with SSD on current gen. Eventually when next gen consoles come out and current games are backwards compatible, next gen console owners will see their older previous gen titles do a whole lot better performance wise. Games like Ark and Conan on PS4 and Xbox will probably still keep going long after current gen is EOL’d.

yeah I agree ssd drives are a lot faster, but in fairness I haven’t really experienced much render issues ect with my ps before. And I got Conan for free with my ps subscription had I paid money for it I would of been insulted. Anyway my drive comes tomorrow I’ll let you know if it fixes the issues

Upgrading or costing the player more money to smooth out a game is not the answer the correct answer to the problem is taking the time to isolate the problem and to report it so it can be fixed than left in the dark.


It’s not a new issue if you look through the threads it has always been a problem that Funcom has stated a quick fix would be upgrading hardware until they can do something better. Which they have yet to do…

I’ve got a Funny story to tell.

My 500GT PS4 Slim runs Conan like a pimp runs a 5$ S**t

But my 1T PS4 Pro struts around like a Drunken Santa Claus on Easter Morning.

It’s funny, because it’s not.

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Lol you get your analogy, and agree that the game has gotten laggier lately.

But would a pimp really sell anything for five dollars?

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A Twitter follow, YouTube sub and a forum Heart. That’s called a thumb job.

The problem looks as if the Pro is running too high in settings. I have read on the PlayStation forums that there is a Pro patch intended to step down the output for demanding games. No ETA. Both my slims are totally solid.


The game use to run worse…then better. Then Holy Cow…its broken…then its good, then laggy, then worse, then yays! its runs fairly smooth.

Its been worse, I’m fairly happy on my end. (minus trolls and other issues not related to game running)

As game gets tweaked, it’ll get better… or worse for a short bit. XD
Test teams tend to let stuff thru…some of it bonkers like broken l2 and r2.

Yeah I have a pro? Why is that the case I don’t get it

Is there a way I can turn down settings? And I just got a ssd hard drive is that going to help ?

If its a ps4 game its should run on any ps4 model. If ps4 pro is not supported than they cleary need to state it as disclaimer. Whats the sense of console gaming if you need to upgrade it like a PC? A console is a standardized environment and any game released for it needs to run on it. Period. There is no excuse for it.

We’re aiming to release a patch that will tackle performance issues (especially on the PS4 Pro) by the end of this week if there is not unplanned delays due to the certification process.


You have chosen wisely. Even an external SSD works demonstrably better, although I have not personally tried it. This suggests to me the patch Sony might apply will upgrade the firmware on the Pro. In the past, this has taken several months beyond ID and trial, so it’s great that Funcom is patching-in a potential fix!

Awesome :trumpet:

Some servers have worse lag than others.

My suggestion is to switch servers if you don’t just delete the game.

I’ve run into good servers and outright garbage.

This has been going on since the game released on PS4 back last May.

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Thats an ill logic. Developers have to match the game demands to run on the console hardware that is provided. If you can not make that happen than don’t release a game that is outright not working properly. Thats the whole purpose to use a console over PC to actually not beeing forced to upgrade your hardware. And no other game i played had performance benefits other than decreased loading times from an SSD.
Take Horizon Zero Dawn for instance. Rock solid performance in an an open world with vastly superior graphical fidellity even on the base PS4 hardware.
I really start to develope a zero tolerance for poor performing games on console.
On PC this is different. There is different hardware vendors, different architectures (AMD vs Intel) there are different drivers. High end rigs, mid tier and low end gaming rigs.

Developers can not account for any PC setup that exists in the world. Its up to the user to optimize there gaming rig.

And quess what: On PC Developers give you detailed options to match the game to the capabilites of your machine.

Consoles have a very specific hard and software environment that is entirely maintained by Company. So Developers should have no problem matching the game to it and it should be the same on everybodies console than.