Conan is ruined fix your core game like server lag before you add new stuff or nobody will play it

This game has actually gotten worse As more updates role out the game is so laggy you can’t even fight. We are at war with these guys who have a ridiculously massive base so we either bluescreen or lag constantly when by it and they live inside the great damn so it is actually impossible for us to raid it because they just sit there and spam foundations and we can never get in also whenever we fight they spam every potion in the game and if we even accidentally click the lock on button we either freeze or blue screen. This used to be my favorite game but it has went to complete trash I’m done with this game for good but for future players I would recommend you first off add a block count to each tribe to stop server lag, also a max amount of fighter thrall, not being able to build while raiding, and lastly wipe all servers every couple of weeks just like every other survival game does on the planet. Lastly stop people from blocking the ■■■■■■■■ obs so we can teleport.

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