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So just experienced the kind of thing that causes me too leave this game like every other month. Was out farming bosses for keys with my thrall when one of those conan moments robbed me of everything! First up it starts with an invisible sandstorm that has no visuals, no sounds but is still damaging me. Than I notice my thrall has been shoved into the ground by the black rhino, is not attacking and is getting his ■■■ beat down. I try to get off my horse to help and get stuck in my horse. So I can’t help or heal my Beserker, I can’t get too him anyway as I’m stuck in my horse and taking damage from an invisible sandstorm. I rip my bracelet as my base is not far away. Pretty much as soon as I spawn back in I see th message that my thrall has been killed (nice there goes a week for me levelling him to 15) and my horse has been killed :+1: None of the bodies are there so I got nothing back. Invisible sandstorms, collision shenanigans, rhino still forcing thralls into the mesh, players still getting stuck in their mounts AND bodies are still disappearing. Exactly when Funcom do you actually start to spend some money to fix some of this crap?? Extremely frustrating and the cause of more than one person leaving and not spending anymore money here :man_shrugging:t2:

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Everything you said i confirm, all these bugs exist and destroy the experience of the players. I know that we have to report one at the time and help, but sometimes all of them happen at once and all you thing is quit and never come back, enough is enough. I really wish theese bugs will be fixed, because the game is fantastic.


Instead of getting frustrated on what u lost, look at what u have managed to achieve so long…
Maybe this will help u stay and thrive… Whatever u decide , have luck…

I personally would place a couple of elevated positions with a bunch of archers near the rhino with a sign to communitty: need a free key??? Bring on the rhino… :P. Just for revenge


I don’t live anywhere near the black rhino spawn so not keen to build anything there in case I block someone that wants to build their base there. Being so close to Sep City it’s a pretty popular spot. Stuff is easy to get back except the time spent knocking out and leveling up my thrall. It’s the overall experience that gets soured by this sort of thing. I haven’t logged back in yet cause I know I’ve got a week or so worth of my game time just getting to the same point I was at. I’ll be back eventually.

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