PS4 Freezing & Crashing (PS4)

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Turn on PS4, load Conan Exiles, choose online server (Official), create character, approach another player’s base.

To be fair I played a new character for up to an hour before I had enough materials to begin exploring map at a jog/walk. So I may have pushed the game to its ultimate limits by approaching a medium sized base on foot, in a loin cloth with a construction hammer. But there you have it.

Game is definitely playable online in starter area, if no other players or buildings are in vicinity on Official Server with 12-15 players online on a 40 person server.


This is their lack of proper optimization. I got my siptah base wiped the other day, likely because of this. It’s sad…

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That stings. I am sorry to hear this.

I am taking many breaks are taken from this game now.

I am Trying to compartmentalize belongings and refresh until things are more properly resolved.

I know this is not possible in PVP. But even PVE just to play the game with other people is too much, because either you or your Clan mate will freeze. We often take turns guarding body or thralls when friend reloads game. This is not a finished product. I miss the amazing game they had a month ago.

I love the optimizations, the skinning weapons and armour is an amazing feature. I just wish they had rolled out features in a smaller batch so that they could trouble shoot crashes, now everything crashes everyday. I play now until first crash, then turn off game, so only 1 bug report per day for me, but I try to keep threads open until update so people can see and add to it.

(I also see that my post has been tagged as a solution, so I am happy that apparently I was able to solve my posted problem to my satisfaction).

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Yeah, the problem isn’t getting resolved and if a base causes someone to crash in a high traffic area, it runs the potential for getting reported. Instead of fixing the optimization problems, they’re wiping bases.

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