Game Freeze on Inventory Menu

Single Player*
Standard PS4

Bug Description: where to begin. Today, I was in the Cimmerian area clearing out some camps. I looted some enemies and they went into my inventory screen to drop some items. Once I entered the inventory screen the game froze. I tried putting the PS4 into rest mode in hopes that would solve the issue when starting it back up, but it did not. The game has been frozen for the past 30 minutes. I don’t want to hard reboot my ps4, as I fear I will lose my stuff. I am loaded with legendary weapons and armor and will be beyond pissed off if I lose all of this. This game has been a broken POS for months and months and I am skeptical anything will ever get better. This is the straw that broke the camels back. If I lose all of my stuff because your dev teams are incompetent, I’m done with this game and funcom.


Steps to Reproduce: Turn on Conan exiles and try to do something.

I’ve had numerous freeze and crash issues in single player on the PS4.
There were significantly fewer when I added an external SSD.

This only extremely rarely comes up when I’m playing on a server.

Do you have much in the way of construction nearby? I found my crashes happened much frequently if there are numerous foundation pieces nearby. Or if I try to open my inventory or loot a chest while my thrall is fighting something nearby.

Wish I could offer something useful, in the meantime, you have my sympathies.

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