Inventory freezes the game

Game mode: [single player co-op]
Problem: [Crash | Performance]
Region: [US]
Console [PS4 pro, original HDD, digital copy]

I have been having an issue where opening chests, boxes, thrall inventory, thrall stat screen, my own inventory or crafting stations will freeze the game. Sometimes the game will recover after about 5-10 seconds other times (especially with crafting stations) the game will recover but not scroll through the inventory/crafting station menu. Most of the time the game will crash and stay frozen until I close the program and restart. I also have been experiencing very long load times but I don’t know if that’s related or not.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start the game
  2. Open thrall inventory/ stats screen, or
  3. Open crafting station menu, or
  4. Open container in the environment
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It started happening after the update…

Hello @The_Hundeprest, welcome to the forums!

Does the issue also persist in online play?

Have you tried to perform a clean reinstall of the game or to rebuild the PS4 database?

Also, if you do get crash report prompts, always send them through the PS dashboard once prompted so our team can get a hold of it and evaluate the causes.

Thanks for the response.

I did a clean install and defrag / rebuilt database. Some things are better after the defrag. Texture drops for terrain aren’t as bad after defrag but it didn’t really help the freezing with opening boxes.

I really havent been playing too much because of this and another issue where the game freezes when I log off and I loose progress every time I play.

I did find these issues in another thread by Croms_Faithful so I know its not just me.

Sometimes it freezes the whole screen for a while. Sometimes it wont crash out the ps4 to promt the report screen. You can go to the ps4 menu, so it doesnt freeze the system, just the screen itself in game.

I don’t normally get a crash log either with this. Usually have to close the game manually.

Currently I’m experiencing not only freezes on an inventory (bench or chest) but also on the joypad wheel inventory, it opens and freezes with all tiny tiny icons of the weapons/tools equipped, after a couple (maybe more) seconds it opens normally.
I had the freezes on inventory before but didn’t have this.
Now it is starting to happen a lil’ more often than before…
As the terrain/clothes rendering in and out, is happening more often than before.
I didn’t play much on the christmas holidays due to these bugs and took back game come days ago,
and I started having more issues than before, PS4 definetly deserves a fix of this.

I was having similar problems on Xbox, to the point where even looking at a box to get the quick inventory to pop up would leave me frozen for a bit. Soon after, I started getting the “installation is corrupted, please reinstall” message every time I opened the game (for like the 5th time). Instead of doing so, I went and bought a ssd external drive and installed it on there instead, runs perfectly smoothly now.

Thanks! I have heard that an external drive definitely helps with performance for this game. Were you experiencing any of the other issues with the game (texture dropping, sinking into the ground, long load times, etc).

It definitely cuts load times, I can port to an ob on official in under 6 seconds now and even load into single player without having to go out for a cigarette in between the button press and spawn.

I never experienced much sinking, once on a horse in the unnamed city and a few times upon spawn just falling through the world for a while, and I don’t pay enough attention to the textures to answer on those.

Just remember, not just an external, you want a solid state drive (ssd).

In response to this, I present to you… Frozen on ice!

When I went to save the clip, the game crashed out and was able to send a report, however.

Thank you for sending in the report and for the video as well, we’ll forward it to the developers.

heres the elephant in the room…how bigs ya base???

I do not think it’s the size of the base, but the quantity of things there are in it.
Even worse if those things are torchlight or light sources of any kind…

Since the January 2020 patch I have been playing off and on. Seems like this problem gets worse the longer you play. I had this come up and crash the game in single player (I was able to send a crash report) and once in co-op when we were raiding an npc camp and opening a chest.

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