Crash/Performance Issues while Opening and Closing Inventories

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Crash | Performance
Region: North America | Canada

I’ve been playing Conan Exiles for a while now and I find it frustrating having to wait for my inventory and/or other inventories like loot chests to open, with the fear of the game crashing and potentially corrupting my game. Another problem with the inventories is when I close any inventory, there is a game freeze shortly after closing whatever I was in with a possible crash and having to redo any progress that I may, like taming a pet and getting a greater pet before it crashes.

Server# 3538 Same issues here. After this last “fix” it’s only gotten worse. 7 times yesterday I bluescreened while crafting in my inventory or opening\ peaking into chests.


A. How do these issues get resolved?
B. Is Funcom aware of these ongoing issues ?
C. Imo the new Underwater dungeon has created loads of issues.
D. Please respond. Thank you
PS4 US official server

-just bluescreened 2:30 EST

Going to tell you what I know about that error message. I used to get it all the time when I would cook loads of fish. It was damn near 100% if it was the first time I did it in a 24 hr period. It will still do this but I don’t do it the same. I have learned to place just a couple fish in first then add the rest after it started. Inventory crashes I get as well. I still get those and they are far more random. Once again its more often in areas with large structures or many thralls nearby (which is partially or mostly my fault). I tend to move fast with windows and that can cook the goose too. Now, I’m not defending the need for work arounds, but I hope this helps until Funcom gets it fixed. They have tried a few times on this already.

1st bluescreened today. 12 pm

Bluescreened 2pm. Error code CE 34878 0

Game froze going up on elevator. Had to restart 10:clock1030:

Bluescreened crafting n inventory 11:30

In inventory in base. Bluescreened 1230 ffs Funcom

I posted this in response to a similar issue. It is exactly my experience. On Saturdays, I could crash 10-15 times.

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Hey there,

Apologies for the frustration. Please remember to send the crash report through the PS dashboard when prompted so our team can receive it.
Thanks for your patience.

My clan mate and I send that crash report every time. 6-7X a day. We never had ANY blue screens till new dungeon was added. In the past 30 min my game froze 2X.

Outside of the base. And often while crafting in my inventory.

It’s getting kinda lame tbh.

I appreciate you actually responding. I just wish your team was more communicative regarding fixes and timelines for these remedies.

(I report it everytime)
I am getting 5-6 crashes a day now when I used to get 1-2 a week. I hadn’t put a finite timeline on when it began, but I would admit it seems the Lemurian Dungeon expansion is the update that started it. At first I thought it was large buildings and such but now I am getting crashes everywhere. Out in the middle of the desert. In the middle of Sepameru. Anywhere in the volcano. Most of the time I have been fortunate. When I crashed in Sep, my Captain thrall was armed with a truncheon and he knocked out 6-7 thralls that were apparently attacking me as I ran blindly through town til I came to a stop. Imagine my suprise logging back in and seeing the sheer carnage. Now, why can’t they defend a base like that?

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Only online a hour and had “outgoing data loss” msg. Then can’t connect to server. That was starting the game. Then again inventory freeze and crash. Can’t send report bcos the whole thing went to the PS4 screen.

Conan has issues? No atm it’s broken. Unplayable. $20 on dlc packs. Why on Earth would I buy another? Will we recieve refunds? Unlikely. Will players recieve ingame freebie in lieu of the constant delays and lack of any communication?

PS4 Made this game available for many new players like myself. Funcom was saved financially and now they lag in response to everything.

Almost 3 weeks now and the Gods still not fixed. No info. No timelines. Honestly doesn’t matter bcos of the bluescreens.


Just bluescreened looking at map to see where my body position. Umh ok

Ok. Here lemme try.

Hey everyone it’s Squashem here.

I understand your frustrations with some of the issues in game with Conan Exiles. I have my own server and play everyday.

Our team is committed to bringing the best content possible. We are working diligently to make Conan exiles an unique experience.

As such we are offering a special DLC discount for all players. Level 60 will receive a limited timed offer loot bag of your choice.

Newer players will have the opportunity to find rare Easter Egg packs to help you level up and gain a better foothold in the Exiles for your clan.

We appreciate your commitment to this wonderful gaming family.

3538 official us server CRASHED OFFLINE BLUESCREENED

Still lag and bluescreens. Server going down. Can I be a community rep for Funcom? I’m sure the community would hear from myself more often…

Hey there,
Regarding server crashes, we released this announcement regarding an upcoming patch:

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