Conan exiles ce-34878-0 after opening inventory

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash
Region: America official server

I get a blue screen crash CE-34878-0 sometimes after opening my inventory. I played for few hours today and my game has crashed 5 times already. This happens only when I open my inventory, move to the crafting tab,
and start scrolling down. Then my screen freezes for about 2 seconds and a crash happens. Is there any fix for this? Somebody mentioned to try rebuilding ps4 database but that didnt help.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open inventory
  2. Go to the crafting tab
  3. Start scrolling down
  4. Screen freezes then a crash
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Not sure if its the same issue, my game was crashing when i opened my inventory while moving. It would happen instantly the moment I opened it without scrolling down. Single player/ co-op

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I’ve also had this problem. On another note the game has been bluescreening after a buff effect from drinking alcohol wears off, game crases and I log back in to find that the buff is still in effect even though the buff notifications are not showing up unless you look at the stats page in your menu. Happened three times in a row…

How to reproduce glitch:
1 Drink Alcholhol until you become drunk and gain stat buffs

2 after buff expires game bluescreens

3 Relog as fast as you can and pray to Mitra that you havnt just lost all your stuff during the game crash

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