Blue screen (CE-34878-0) error when loading game

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Hi guys
Just to let you know. Since the last update the game crashes on loading. Basically what happens is the loading bar takes forever to reach the end, then I’ll get a blue screen (CE-34878-0) error.
I’ve tried reinstalling the game, but it’s made no difference.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Click on Conan Exiles
2.Wait for loading bar to reach the end
3.Hello blue screen (CE-34878-0) error.
4.Swear loudly

Hello @rico666273, have you tried to rebuild the PS4 database?

If that does not help, could you backup your current save and fully wipe the game’s data before proceeding with a clean reinstall?

Also, do you have the game installed to the console’s internal drive?
If that’s the case, would it be possible to try installing it to a different one, such as an external drive?

Hello, and thanks for the quick response.
Just now tried the game after rebuilding the database and it’s made no difference.
The game is installed on the console’s internal drive.
My external drives are formatted for Mac, so not supported on the PS4. Also, as I don’t have a PlayStation Plus subscription, backing up to the cloud isn’t an option for me. I think I’d rather wait for another update, however long it takes, instead of fully wiping the game’s data. I’ve had the game from day one and don’t fancy the idea of losing all my progress, as you can imagine I’ve done a fair bit of building in a couple of years.

Thank you for the additional details, please make sure to send the crash report through the PS4 dashboard as the data received assists our developers in preventing/dealing with certain crashes.

You should be able to back up your save to an usb pen drive, as this error is usually due to data corruption. After doing so, wiping the data would confirm if the issue stems from your current data files.

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