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Hi! Love the game - wish i could play it again! The game loads to the main menu perfectly, and then when select “load single player / offline” it loads about 90% of the game and then crashes every time. (PS4 error code CE-34878-0)

After contacting Playstation support, I’ve re-initialized my system three times, but it still is not loading. I contacted Funcom support a couple days ago but have not heard back. [Funcom Support #1091710]

A little more in depth: Before the first crash the game was lagging a bit because the building i was constructing had two many objects. I was in the process of deleting objects when the first crash occurred.

If I could load back up a previous save this would all be kosher. Can you guys help me get my beautiful city back?

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load Game
  2. Select Single Player / Offline
  3. CRASH

hello … I have the same problem, but play Conan in offline mode. Every time the game switches to the character, the error code CE-34878-0 will appear and I’m out. All reinstalling did not work. However, when I play the game with my sister (also PS4) it works and the Google report says that it is because of too good internet access! This can not be! Can Funcom not keep its uploads high enough for the PS4 so that the data arrives at the receiver when the game loads? Is Funcom doing something in this regard? If so, I would be grateful for helpful hints, as I absolutely want to play the game - like player jerseytrash again, as it would be a really good game. PLEASE HELP US!!!

I’m goin’ through the same (again) blue screen error right as it actually begins to load into world. Started doing it during last few back to back updates. So I started new with latest update and all was good until yesterday. Deleted my save but for some reason instead of starting fresh again, I loaded a save I had on usb (from June) so far it plays fine. What is odd is that file read as corrupt on my system in June (Saved it before knowing that). What is going on with this game. As for freeze ups, mine happen at any point, base, running, standing etc. Had 3 bases maybe 15 thralls between them. I always try to do one thing at a time but I don’t believe it matters because the stability never seems to be optimal.

guys . this ‘company’ is on vacation In norway permanently apparently. I have had NO response from ANYONE at funcom.

I have attempted to call and write your company several times a day for 7 days straight with no response. Do you have anyone working in support?

this is absolutely unacceptable and if I dont hear back on my issue within 14 days I will get my purchase refunded. (I bought all three expansions and love the game?!) dont you even cave a little bit?!

Funcom #1091710]

very upset

or just get someone to answer the phone! wtf?!

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And I posted the same issue 2 months ago and all I got was backlash from others on this. FAIL COM FIX YOUR GAME STILL BROKEN GLAD I DELETED THIS GAME AS WELL AS ALL MY FRIENDS. BASICLLY FIX GET OFF YOUR A.R.S.E AND FIX THIS ALREADY.

my question is, “why are you still on the forum if you don’t care to play the game anymore?” I mean when i am done with something, i don’t put effort into it at all. And since you haven’t played in i am guessing 2 months, your input is skewed a little.

regardless it seems like he would be playing the game if he could get his saveed game back. while I have not deleted the game and hope to play again… it’s hard to put this much effort to a build without being able to retrieve a save when your current save file has corrupted. update… I’ve gotten a hold of someone at funcom. I’ll let you guys know the response.


Highly recommend using a usb to save your game progress. Just got error again. Save every few hours. Now I can play the role of time traveler. WISH “they” would fix this. I guess it is not a priority.

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Obviously it’s not skewed as there’s others with the same problem. The other problem is people like you on these forums who only give backlash. Maybe just maybe I hope they fix it with every update I re-download the game try it out I even started a new save just waiting on the crash to happen again just to start over and delete it again. How many saves do I have to go threw and back up saves?

You got just a reg run of the mill usb thumb drive or anything? I just occasionally exit out and stop running app/game, go to save data management, download to usb. I have had to start over 4 times. And yeah, I get uneasy with evey update myself.

Same to me. I created a city and with the lcd and the game crashes. And now i can’t play more. I lose around 40-50 hours of the game. I play in a single mode. Now I had to spend the same time for crash the game again. And funcom never answer.
Is very sad. I very frustrated.
Also I don’t understand if función now about the problems that the game crash.
No put the option that save the game when we want, as a normal game.
Now I had to restart the game.
And no save the game. Only a auto save.
I hope no crash again.

I mentioned this in another thread and I will mention it here as well.
I had the same exact issue up until I purchased “The Savage Frontier” DLC addon once I purchased and installed the DLC the game stopped crashing in singleplayer offline.
I believe this not having this dlc causes the game to crash. As you may or may not know these assets are already in the game but under a lock to use this must cause the crashing issue otherwise why would it work all of a sudden after I purchased the dlc?

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