Crash while saving the game automatically (?)

Game mode: [Singleplayer; PS4]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [everywhere?]

My singleplayer game on ps4 has crashed twice since update 34. CE seems to save the game automatically in the backround. Maybe, that’s why I have lags of 2 to 5 seconds periodically. But often, the game freezes and crashes during this lags. The sound continues but the game does not react. Even the option to close the game via playstation system software isn’ possible. After restarting the game, the last savegame is crashed and a backup savegame is load. I don’t know what exactly causes that problem but I guess this is connected to savegames…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. play the game

I been saying this for over a month with others telling me to rebuild data base or delete all my hard drive or make sure your 1tb hdd has space well thank you captain obvious did all that stuff everything sony recommends and told me over the phone while they also bench marked
my ps4 pro still single player still crashed after a day or 2 even with a new game. Have an old update of Conan exiles on my launch ps4 it’s plays fine only the patch before this one and this recent patch has done this my other games play fine which leads me to believe Funcom need to fix this asap. But again there will be those stupid people come on here to say try this and this as mine plays fine ok for online or single player and not like 5mins of single player more like a week or 2 try that and see if that happens and then try rebuild data base and initialize your ps4 and see if that fixes it if you crash or get an error code I guarantee it won’t will have to delete your save or load a backup before the crash. Just going to delete the game again and wait til they get there heads out there ■■■■ and fix this instead of lets launch new dlc say it’s less grindy yet food drops on certain animals are nerfed and games still crashes randomly on all platforms even pc has random crashes watch some live streamers on pc and they crash as well randomly again we need fixs and better optimization for the game and not new content this is why my friends all quit Conan game crash and freeze lag off cliffs or into enemies then die. Gets old real quick when there’s better performing games out there. I did have high hopes for this game until I researched Funcom previously released games there a mess as well and there motto seems to be let it ride as is release new content but never fix or give what players want/need yea I don’t recommend this game to any of my friends I tried everything but guess they just rather see there player base deminsh even more I know no one on my friends list is playing this game anymore even with the last update and new content no one gets on they asked me when they see me get on and randomly game crashes they know already what happened and then I proceed to get on another game. Wish I bought the disc version you can run that with no updates in single player the download version is always going be the forced updated one for disc just cancel the update and your at original launch not like that’s any better had problems then as well. Funcom if you actually read these respond with your fixes for this crap.


Language. :smiley: Ok, before Update 34, my game crashed altogether 2 or 3 times. Now, it crashes 2 or 3 times per gaming session. That’ a total killjoy. But I’ve got nearly completed the game, so I’ll stick to the end. :wink:

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In addition:

Now (since Update 34), my SP-Game crashes 1-3 times per session. If I do not close CE immediately after the crash, my savegame is not damaged (I have to wait several minutes). When I close the game immediately after the crash/freeze, the savegame is done.That’s really annoying.

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