Getting ps4 error ce-34878-0

Game mode: [Offline| Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU]

Ever since I bought Conan Exiles for PS4 I’ve encountered this error multiple times this week. If it helps, I always made myself admin after getting into the game world, got most items, resources, etc from the admin panel, god mode on, mainly building and exploring with some buildings in some parts of the map, usually crashed when I was building a large building, but this time the game crashes after I try to get into the game world itself.

Never been online since I don’t have PS+.


Had same prob myself, so, I know how “frustrating” it is. Started out here and there and then I couldn’t even load game. I just got ps+ last month saved old save to online storage and deleted everything, reinstalled game and started from scratch. Haven’t had the dreaded app error since. However, still have inventory losses, game not saving upon exit, base missing parts, etc. So not a total fix but no error “yet”. They are supposedly working on bugs and such but idk.

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See if disabling boost mode in the ps4 settings lets you in, it did the trick for me. Then enable it again if you want.

I went through exactly the same problem EVERY day I played Conan Exiles. The only “difference” is that my screen freezes in random moments (with or without this damn code error) and if I was in combat or in delicate environments, the tendency was to die stupidly (something very common in online mode and i was in PvE). I also noticed a frequent performance drop when I was inside my workshop with lots of thralls, production media and boxes stocking items. Personally I do not know until “when” the public can wait for the “definitive fix” of this unstable and incomplete game until they lose hope, but I wish good luck… especially for optimistic players.

If you want to know the story, see the link: [PS4] I give up on Conan Exiles