PS4 Repeating game error . CE-34878-0

I keep getting the same error or frozen game after i played ±30 mins . Happens when im at my bases either a small or big base and north or west.Error code : CE-34878-0 . I didnt have those problems in 1.08.

Its in single player btw.

Hi, Google this, Error code: CE-34878-0 your answer should be at the top,before you do that erase your save files first settings too, then start a new game and see if you still get that error . either way sounds like youll be starting over, with luck it could just be a corrupt save or settings file, good luck

Already rebuild my database and deleted the game and downloaded the updated version

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Hi there,

I have moved this topic to #conan-exiles:Exiles-PS4-Updates for better visibility on the issue.

Marshmallow, can you please do something about these servers locking people out. It just gives us endless pending connection failed errors.

@DragonsL3gacy Unfortunately as a member of Customer Service, I am not able to assist with the pending connection errors that are being received. That being said, this issue has been reported to the developers of the game and they are investigating the issue. Please keep a look out for more information about the issue as it becomes available.

I did everything u said , i think its because i build my base in the north really big thats where it freezes every 30 mins . As soon as i played 30 mins and enter my castle , i can play for hours as long i dont get near my castle.

I get this error at least once every 30 min while near my bases as well. Official PvP server 3779. Not just a sp issue.

Hi, can you go to your settings, scroll down to system, then scroll down to Boost mode if ur on a PS4 pro, and make sure the box is not checked, turning boost mode off may help :slight_smile: i can’t test this because i don’t have a PS4 pro. thanks

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