Game Freeze and Crash a lot

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Freeze | Bug | Performance | Admin Panel ]

Hardware: Original PS4 500GB (not Pro)

Hi there,
Conan is Freeze and Crash a lot since the last update. I noticed it happens mainly when Admin Panel is enabled.
Yesterday i played 4 hours without Admin Panel, no freeze, no Crash, then i enabled and 20 minutes later the same problem.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Admin Panel enabled
2.Singleplayer freeze
3.Admin Panel disabled
4.Singleplayer runs for hours without freeze

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Hi Mark
FYI, under the same conditions (offline/SP + admin ALWAYS on, PS4 500 not pro) [+ flying enabled and external drive /USB] it was also freezing a lot for me the last week before the update. My building area started to be Hughe at that time.
Since the last week patch delivery, I had 2 times to start from scratch (impossible to load the >60 meg file AND I just noticed yesterday after 2 days of crafting and building this good old freezing bug coming back again (every 30 minutes), just decorating and adding pets …).

Hello @MarkSawyer, thank you for your submission and to @YannCool as well for adding his own details!

Could you confirm if the freezes can occur anywhere, as long as the admin panel is enabled?

Does it freeze more often in areas with higher performance impact, such as large player built ones?

Hi Hugo,
on my side no I can’t confirm it happens anywhere as I “camp” and build in the same area (G4). Today it happens 2 times where I was decorating every 1,5 hours. Then I moved to kill the abyssal monster and all went fine.

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Hi @Hugo,
yes i can confirm it occurs anywhere. First i thought it is just while i am standing in my huge house. But it occurs often miles away from my Base for no apparent reason.

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Update for @Hugo
Now I can confirm @MarkSawyer noticed. It happened to me yesterday far away from my base when I was reaching the backhand area (borderline bug ?) . Crash report sent through PS4 crashing report.

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sorry for my very bad english, its not my language.

About Freeze, i play conan exiles very long 200hours + and have no problems with
Freeze, but since the last two or three patches, i have many freezes. For example
by fighting in the big ship in the desert, or by the buccaneer in the east of the jungle,
or in my Homebase (with lots of animals, items and so on)
I play on ps4 (no pro) only solo and with no editor.

I have sent five or more mails by sony, but is not always possible, only Freeze :frowning:

About slow menu (touchpad), this menu is getting slower, in Construction and
navigation. I think the reason are the DLCs (i have all), so the menu becomes
bigger and bigger :slight_smile: (and to scroll is like to be in hell …)

I hope i can help with this info, Best regards

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@MarkSawyer, @YannCool thank you for the additional details and crash report submission!

@YannCool, does it crash consistently in that place with the Admin Panel on? And with it off?

@Yumi, welcome to the forums and thank you for your input!
Do you happen to have the Admin Panel enabled as well while experiencing these issues?

With the additional population adds, your console’s memory is being taxed a little more. There have been several players who cleaned out their PS4 with a vacuum or compressed air and reported fewer crashes.

I’ve had the same issue… It’s normally right after opening your inventory menu or in an area where you have alot of thralls


Hi @Hugo
the most frequently with admin panel ON (every 30 min yesterday) but it also happened 2 times this week with admin privilege set OFF.
@Jlew13 I agree, this is one of the frequent trigger : the inventory “grand opening” :wink: For thralls (or pets) I’m not as convinced excepts for entertainer that moves in a rich furnished area. I frequently get kicked out there. You wrote “I have had”. You don’t have it anymore ? If so how did you get rid of it ?

hello, i play without Admin Panel (I have written Editor laugh) I have in my
Homebase 15 slave and 5 animals, and by opening a box, somtimes the
PS4 freeze, but the music or sound goes on :slight_smile:

Error code is: CE-34878-0

same error here:
Freeze in huge base since 2 updates
Error (CE-34878-0) every time I try to load single player offline or co-op

and same problem (i think) here:
Freezing and crashing around base worsening since last patches

thanks, perhaps is the memory with the additional population, i clean my
console with air (when time) - best regards


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