Error (CE-34878-0) every time I try to load single player offline or co-op

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Ever since June 26th update my game crashes and how’s the above error any time I try to continue my single player game. I have built a lot and really do not want to start over.


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Hi @Lotak,
FYI since your last post in the release note forum (ps4-patch-26-06-2019 note) 10 days ago, I had to restart from scratch 2 times.
It seems ok now in reducing (limiting) size and complexity (but stays is still Hughe for a Single Player) of my base, and I agree is frustrating specially when you spent days on it, but this is the only solution some of us found before Funcom will release a patch against this problem(s).
Don’t forget to send the PS4 Crash Report that (may automatically) generates. This CR is sent by PSN to Funcom.

is the same error i have when freeze, look in post Game Freeze and Crash a lot
by fighting in the big ship in the desert, or by the buccaneer in the east of the jungle,
freeze too - sometimes the savegame is broken, but you can load a copy from
PSN cloud (with psn+)
best regards

Hi @Yumi
This error code (CE-34878-0) is a generic message from PS4. It’s displayed due to multiple causes, from external drive problem to game bugs and could be also display for more important internal PS4 damage.
In other words it could be translated by “You got some problems” :wink: . That’s why it might be important to send the PS4 crash report. More, as tis crash report is sent by Sony to Funcom, the number of crash reports can help Funcom to define not only the root cause, but also the frequency of the bug. Today I did not see on Trello ( Conan-Funcom Bug Tracker ) the bug(s) we are talking about for weeks not …

Thanks YannCool,
now i can see, where the priorities are, best regards, farewell :slight_smile:

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Hey there @Lotak and @Yumi,

Apologies for the frustration. We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it. It’s one of our priority issues at the moment.
Thanks for your feedback and your patience. And as @YannCool mentioned, please make sure to send the crash report through the PS dashboard

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same shts happenin to me, all the servers i played on disappeared so i was like “fine, ill go play w myself” but i cant even get the foundations layed for a new base before the game freezes crashes and forgets my last few hrs. this has been the last couple weeks i cant play, bummed. 8[

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