Error code CE-34878-0 ps4 singleplayer co-op and offline


Game mode:Singleplayer]
Problem: Crash wont finish loading singleplayer co-op and offline
Region: North America

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Start game
2.go to singleplayer
3.wait for Error code CE-34878-0
4.havent played singleplayer in 3 weeks so I uploaded my save data to ps plus cloud went to my launch ps4 downloaded save data without updating the game only console update is current 6.00 and single player offline loads in must be recent patch for game causing this Error code CE-34878-0 over and over and over again non stop error code CE-34878-0 won’t load into game gets almost to end of loading then crashes to error code screen. Have sent several reports to Sony everyday for 3 weeks now.


Edit: Not only a PS4 issue, may be system wide, has been going on for years and has a lot of recent reports too.

This is a _____ related issue and (oh boy) have there been a bunch of reports everywhere on the web… well, of course it became controversial what fixes this at all and noone has gotten to actually putting up the right thing probbably, but you can give PS4’s ways a shot and then try and hop on a surfboard and … well, I’m a little sorry, but the amount of items is overwhelming :thinking: does make me wonder what the right solution is, but I can’t immediately find it for you or any of the previous reporters…(I’m not a dev or dev hobbyist btw)

Here’s the solution mentioned:

PS4 Test Live servers?

I’ll also @Toolguy for if he needs to any related forum threads. Sorry, that’s two mentions in a day I think :sweat_smile: If you don’t like it, please tell me to stop.


It’s mostly that it’s not going to have any effect because I’ve nothing to do with PS4 development, or blue screens in the game client.


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Sorry, I wasn’t trying to insult or argue with you, I was just trying to give you a solution. I should have been more direct in just saying that it might be a solution worth trying out.

To me it sounded like you got no reply from Sony, btw. I also didn’t know that you tried anything else or did research, because I haven’t seen it mentioned. If people report something and say they have done ‘X’, I don’t know that they have also done ‘Y’, ‘Z’ etc. I’m just going of of what it says.

I hope this gets fixed for you at some point!


I know from my personal experience that once you get the CE-34878-0 the game will become unstable and random stuff will stuff will start happening: loosing items, part of bases disappearing, items growing into your base, etc. The only thing I know that fixed the problem is deleting your game data and starting from beginning, but that has always been a temporary fix and at some point you will get the error message again and you will be stuck in an re-occurring cycle. I have given up after it happen to me 4 times, which in each case I deleted the game data files and started over. With each new start I went smaller base wise and having a smaller number of thralls, which still did stop the issue from happening.

The last previous 3 times I tired deleting the data files and restoring from a backup ( I did not know about backup files the 1st time), but I still had issues even with using the backup data files with sometimes the loading screen being stuck on the loading screen on the start the gaming or exiting. I still believe that is has something to do with the auto-save function timing out that cause the error message. I am going to wait for next wave of updates and then I will try a backup file after updating the game. I have never had this types of problems with Madden or any of my other games on PS4. The tech in me wish there was a why that I could access the logs files to see exactly what is happening right before the game crashes.

I think I am going to try another combat type game while I wait for Conan Exiles pet system update.


Hi, did you ever rebuild your DataBase? if you Google that code it recommends 4 steps, to rebuild DataBase, when turning on PS4 hold the power button untill you here 2 beeps this will bring up safe mode, then pick rebuild DataBase :slight_smile:Ps. make sure you have enough free space in memory the game is almost 60GB without DLC, if PS4 is anything like PS3 used to be, then you need at least 120GB of free space when you install the game. (Hint) erase game applications that you don’t plan on playing for awhile to free up extra space, then rebuild DataBase


Yes, I did that after error message number 2 a month or so ago. All of my other games work fine on my PS4 and it just Conan game that is having this problem. I notice if create a new charter on same version that had previous crash, then the crash will happen in about a week of so, hence why I am waiting for a new update. I went ahead and replace my two Conan exiles data files with my last known good backup, which means I lost about 3 hours worth of grinding (after the first crash I had been creating backup files at the end of each day that I played the game). I never seen so much blue screening since Windows 98.

I have question for those that are getting the error message: are you using the DVD or the electronic copy of the game?


Well, ive only ever had that code come up once, is what happened i was playing the game while the PS4 was downloading the day 1 update, afterwards it installed, and it crashed, i deleted the saves, and now i start a new game after every update, up untill the last update my game has been playing pretty good, but now im getting 5sec. freezes running up to workstations, wheels of pain, houses, i was waiting untill after the pet update to make a bug report. And to answer that question it happens on both, digital and disc, i asked the same question back in May. It seems it happens more on the older PS4’s and some pro’s


I actually just saved on a usb yesterday, i may test this in a few min. i’ll replace game save and settings save, im really curious to see what happens. update: it worked fine, still has the freezes though, and i even rebuilt my DataBase :sob:


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