Freezing and crashing around base worsening since last patches

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: NA
I built a huge base before the last two patches near the barrow king area near mounds of the dead and where the lion spawns. I had some stuttering issues which I figured would happen. I got an external SSD and everything was fine, but since the last two updates I’ve noticed more freezing and crashes when I enter this base to the point I built a smaller one in a different area. I have reduced the number of thralls in the area, took down 3 tier 3 altars to reduce lighting. There was a small difference, but freezing is still significant. The funny thing is when I approach this base from whatever area, the stuttering and freezing is worse. If I am forced to load the game in the base, stuttering decreases and the freezing won’t happen …for a while at least. Opening my inventory or using a crafting station while in this base makes it worse. Also if I am in admin mode, the freezing and stuttering is guaranteed.

It does not really happen in any other area. I can usually avoid the crash if I enter the base for a few minutes, using the crafting stations is a no no. I only have enough time to grab resources from them.

If the answer is to reduce the base further, then so be it. Just want to make sure it’s not an issue with the updates before I do it. Thanks.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.offline PS4 pro with External SSD
2.approach base from outside
3.admin mode and crafting stations worsen issues
4.loading in base is 50/50, sometimes I have to abort the load and try again.

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Hello @Dirtysann, thank you for your submission!

It can be hard to tell without seeing some screenshots of the base in order to determine a possible cause, our updates often target performance issues and include optimizations so it’s unlikely that it has been caused by the latest patch.

Also, is your PS4 stable while playing other demanding games? Does it exhibit any signs of overheating?
A user has recently mentioned that after cleaning and removing the dust, his performance improved considerably.

Never had any issues with any other games. I did clean the vents and fan for the PS4 PRO and didn’t really notice a difference. I decided to build a huge base after seeing several screenshots and videos of people creating them. The stuttering and freezing happens only in the main base and not outside. In fact I built a coliseum and a smaller palace beside it full of entertainer thralls. No issues with both. I think the new base I built has more thralls in it honestly, the only difference is I didn’t wall that base in. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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