Constant freezes on PS4. What do I do? Playing single player offline. Does it matter if other things are running in background like Hulu?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
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Hello @West2574, welcome to the community!

We’ll need additional details in order to determine what could be behind the performance issues:

  • PS4 Model

  • HDD or SSD

  • Wired or Wireless connection

  • Is it stable playing other demanding games?

  • Does it exhibit any signs of overheating?

  • Do you also have performance issues playing Single Player or in a different server?

I’ve had a lot of experience with crashes/freezing. The Slim does not have sufficient memory to process large bases in the game. I used to crash at my home base. I moved the game to an external SSD and that helped a great deal. I crashed far less often.

I did upgrade to a Pro (Larger memory), and now I crash never. The SSD is far cheaper and should help.

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Large memory as of I need 5tb to be ok and with 1tb game crash ?

I log in and only the house is rendered well but the doors that is. So I am stuck inside the house. Its hard to harvest anything as I do not know when it is done so I waste time harvesting. I can barely fight anything as I have No idea where it is or I am( I teleport all the time). I have died so many times when I did not even realize I was under attack. That is until I am dead or about to die. Now I am freezing and again being attacked and again end up dead. This is BEYOND frustrating! As stated I can’t cook or access all the workstations in my house as they do not render 80% of the time I am giving up on the game this is insane. I sure hope you have a fix for all this on server 3514. My friend does not get it as he has no issues on the same public server. I also ran into the same issue on another server. You really need to fix this ASAP! My friend is about to give up on the game as well as I can’t really play.

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Hey @Supernova33, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need you to share further details as mentioned in my reply above in order to be able to assist you.

you have for several months this information since it is the same that come back in loop since the animal patch, stop looking to save time.
no, we will not buy a ssd :confused:

Standard PS4 1T
Very stable on all other games
No overheating issues ever
Played fine on a PVP server never an issue

still got the same problems. after last update i got heavy freezes in the game, unplayable. most of the time the online pve server is loading, i get into the game for 1 second and it crashes with connection errors. ps4 is getting very loud. i play with 3 other guys, we didnt change anything and have all the same system, ps4 with hdd. no pro, no ssd. since we are all in the same area on the same server its very frustrating to have this freezes and connection errors. seems more to be a software bug. still reading this problems in other communitys with xbox systems. it seems to be a bigger bug. any ideas?

Starting on an other server was ok. no problems at all. So what went wrong after the update and pve servers with some users???

SYSTEM: Standard PS4 500GB
HDD, Wired
Very stable on all other games
No overheating issues,

this can’t be the solution. the game worked well and without any problems with same servers and same big buildings before. so something has been changed last time which is making problems at some users.

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