Update 1.43 fixes lag & Stuttering?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America ]

Hello, I play on OG PS4 - 2013 and after every patch, the crashes, lag and stuttering gets worse. I play on a server not official, online and I play single player offline and it’s unbearable.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Running, uncumbered.
  2. Dodging
  3. Opening a container
  4. Standing near a thrall.

Ive just stopped playing until they fix the glitches concerning toll gurls

Hello @RabidChimp805, several users have reported that this last patch helped with performance related issues, it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t seem the case here and we’re sorry for that.

Which PS4 model are you using? Is it stable while playing other demanding games? Does it exhibit any signs of overheating?
A user has recently mentioned that after cleaning and removing the dust, his performance improved.

Is you game installed to an HDD or SSD?
Using an SSD drastically improves the performance in most cases as well.

Have you tried reinstalling the game then starting a fresh singleplayer game?

so funcom requires us to have an SSD ($100 +) to play a game that has been live for over 1 year. i have an SSD and external drive and this latest patch only restores the issues back about two patches. not even close to launch, and NEVER has the game not had silly lag during combat on the SSD ps4 pro.

i play ESO, Destiny 2, Division 2, Ark, and Fallout 76 without the lag and sound/animation lag that CE has always had since launch. PS4 Pro.

i had fun with building (sometimes lag misplaces) PVE. exploring (until the XP was nerfed). and a few boss fights last year. my character is level 60 on an official PVE server that is dead again.

please quit “handling” the situation and add some QA and testers before you release a patch! don’t come to the forums and ask us if it works now!!! seriously get your act together on console or sunset them.


We understand your concerns, however, using another user’s post is not the ideal way to share your feedback, constructive or not. Please follow our community guidelines to ensure that we all work together towards a positive and productive environment.

The latest hotfix patch might not have been the solution for all performance related woes, but it did help many users, and we have the community to thank for all the data provided that assisted us in its development through detailed bug reports and useful feedback.

Any questions we ask, no matter how mundane or obvious, are means to an end, and usually funnel players into finding a resolution to their problem or developers getting additional information to assist in replicating and fixing it.

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