Freeze in huge base since 2 updates

Hello, me and my clan have freeze in base since last two updates, it’s hapenning only in base or around, no mater ps4 or pro. The base is very big, i think its a problem, but it doesn’t happend two updates before. After freeze, game must be close manualy and its making error 34878.

Hello @damian_x_pl, thank you for reaching out!

Are you or any of your friends able to reduce the light sources in the immediate vicinity to 5 or below, such as torches or braziers, before the game freezes? Crashing soon after loading is often due to very large quantities of building pieces / thralls / light sources being present in the area you’re trying to load.

Hi, game not freezing after loading, it’s hapening after 30 minutes, or later, it can happend even when you lie on the floor. We reduced all monuments, lights to minimum (no torches or other lights making animation), but thrals and building we cannon reduce. Like i wrote this isn’t hapenning before two last updates.

On the other hand, what’s the point of hiding everything and reducing? It’s supposed to be fun. We wanted to buy DLC, but since the game is jamming, we can not add anything else, so it does not make sense.

Quoting from another post: Although we don’t enforce a limit on building and thrall capacity, there’s only so much going on in one place that a server can take, especially if you’re playing in Singleplayer / Cooperative since in this case you’re not making use of a dedicated machine to support that load.

We’ll always keep rolling out optimizations and fixes as far as performance is concerned, it’s best to be cautious when hoarding thralls and building extensively in a single area. We would suggest spreading them throughout different areas / bases if the collection is growing too large.

Hi Hugo and thanks for this info. Kind of tough to know when the place is “saturated” by crazy builders.
[TURN AROUND] : it would be nice then for single player/offline to be able to save files at varying steps of progress. Once the breaking point is reached in an area (too many stuff built) leading to freeze, or worse, to have to start from scratch, if the last saved file is set or detected as “corrupted” then the list of previously saved files could be displayed, and the player could select the a file among many to be uploaded …
Developers, if you got 5 minutes to code this :wink:

I forgot to say at first, we playing at official pvp, not offline!

hello , i have also the same problem on my ps4 slim i crash everytime i go back to a part of the base. My husband plays on the ps4 pro he dont have the problem we are in the same clan same houses. since last patches the ps4 pro improved alot but for the ps4 slim wich we bought this year its not old or something with only 3 games on , it freeze crash to blue screen alot. It really is from the last 2 patches.

Every half hour only on brand new ps4 slim and not on my ps4 pro every single day. DSC_0078

Our clan has blue screens. And lag since Underwater dungeon.

Our clan has blue screens. And lag since Underwater dungeon. Clan mate froze in volcano and lost all his gear. And yesterday froze in new dungeon.

So to say ’ remove light sources and limit thrawls’ is a misnomer.

These issues have been ongoing for months. I found a similar thread and it was from Dec 2018.

Why have a Conan statues DLC if it’s gonna cause blue screens? $10 for more lag issues? No thanks.

We bought season pass and there’s no updates. Not even mentioned@ E3.

Why are Funcom staff so reluctant to communicate to the players that support and create their livelihood?

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