The Lag has Steadily gotten worse since the last patch

Normally, I expect a little lag during purge hours, but lately, the game just freezes when I run up to a chest or workstation. It will freeze, and when I do get control, I’m usually face first in a wall. Every time I run home, I see no base, just items floating. It’s been taking longer to load in.

During a sandstorm, I can hit NPCs and bosses because they tend to not move. I killed a rocknose this morning, and it fell down before I heard the growling sound.

The Derketo patch was the one where I started to notice the rendering issue.

I run a PS4 Pro, with both external and internal SSD, and max upload/download speeds.


its bitter sweet for me, since the patch i can fly like supersain10 goku to demolish ppls decayed bases but if i teleport home i usually freeze. ive had lotsa crash - free - high - res time building lil outposts for ppl on teh server. that said, for environmental rendering reasons, i did recently totally restructure from a beastmaster mega base on the mounds to a quaint taint town in the east jungle mountain by the pirates. btw, old ps4 w weak nets

Well, there was a Playstation update yesterday, and I wanted to verify if my observations were correct before updating this post. The game does run smoother, however, the bases are still not rendering quickly. I still have invisible enemies for a few moments.

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The lag is geting worse for those of us who play on servers

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As an offline player I’m not having a great time too, and as a “soniac” barbarian I fear that we’ll have to wait for the new year to get some fixing.
I honestly hope I’m wrong!


Freezing more often on my server also private ps4. Private ps4.

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Just stating for the record here, my lag has worsened since the Mounts update too Speedice, amongst other issues unfortunately. Tell me, have you also experienced any of the other problems we are experiencing here in this thread? If so, then you are encouraged to leave an account of your experiences.

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I play on an official server, and the whole reason for this post was the lag I’ve observed around my base, or when I look at anything that has inventory. I ran across a dead player, and I froze for a few seconds as I saw his inventory. I was almost killed by a giant croc because of it.

The PS update smoothed it out some, but the base doesn’t render well.

This lasts about 4 minutes.


Hello @speedice, we’re continuously gathering player feedback regarding the performance issues on console so thank you for providing us with your input while also sharing your console setup’s details.

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