PlayStation Render Speeds

**Game mode: Online / Offline
**Type of issue: Performance
**Server type: All
**Region: EU
**Hardware: PS4 and PS5

Bug Description:

I’m unsure what you have done with the last few updates but the game now has been drastically reduced in performance.

The lagging has gone into another level. If you run on foot towards anyone’s base or your own on or offline you can stand there and watch it all load in piece by piece, you see where everything is within the base and I’m not kidding when I say you can stand outside for 20-30 seconds, whether your on PS4 or PS5 as I have both and tested this.

God for bid you get on a horse and try running across the map, you can end up running into someone’s base.

On foot I’ve run at someone’s base and was able to lag inside of it and open there chests.

This did not used to be a problem, could you tell me what the problem is.

*Side Note if you run quick enough the actual map sometimes don’t load in and you run straight of the graphics and fall to death under map.

Any answers?
Anything coming to fix this?

I pay alot of money for a private server and this is causing player loss…

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Power up PlayStation
  2. Load up game
  3. Load into server
  4. Actually play the game
  5. Discover all of above

I had this issue. A few years back, we found that having the game on an external drive made in run better. After many updates, I was stuck for as much as two minutes waiting for a door to show up on my own base.

Recently, I reinstalled it on the system drive, and the problem went away. I also have it installed o a PS5, and the problem does not appear to be happening.

However, the biggest change came when I adjusted the connections from Automatic DNS to use the Google DNS. The game runs much smoother. Primary is, secondary

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