Crashes Have Definately Gotten Worse!

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Since the most recent Mounts update performance and other issues have definately been on the rise. As myself and other users have already touched upon briefly in other threads (see attached links), the incidence of crashes, especially the CE34878-0 crash is on the rise. I know Xbox1 had incurred an increased incidence of crashes too, and now has a hotfix. It is starting to look to me like ps4 is in the same boat, however reports are just coming through more slowly. Below is the recorded subjective ‘symptoms’ I have observed.

I have been experiencing multiple crashes each day I play the game. So has my partner. And this is coming from a guy who rarely ever has them prior to now. When they occur the game will typically freeze, and I will have to hold down the PS button and manually quit back to the Playstation dashboard, at which point I get the familiar CE34878-0 message. While it seems that they can occur at any point in the game, I have noticed that the probability increases as the length of the play session does. While I have had some occur but 5 mins into a gaming session, the chances seem to increase greatly when I have been playing for say 40 mins+. Either way, I know that performance definately seems to worsen the lomger I play. Some additional things which I have noticed, which may or may not be related include the following.

  1. As stated in my other thread, textures continuously cycle between high and low level detail, and none/off. This again in my experience at least seems to worsen the longer the play session. However, also especially if we ‘jump’ a long distance across the Map using either a Maproom or Admin Panel.
  2. Loading any kind of item window (eg-dead NPCs inventory, player owned chest) takes longer. There is a small to quite long delay between the time we rest the cursor on the item, snd the time it takes for the pictures/data to be displayed.
  3. Items in the immediate area seem to be taking longer to load in. For example, after arriving at the Waterside district in Sepemeru, it can and has taken literally 30 seconds + for NPCs to finish loading in. Textures too.
  4. There is a big gap/desynchronisation between the sound and visuals/graphical actions. For example, a large delay between the character swinging a Sword and its actual sound effect.
  5. Enemy and player owned NPCs alike are much slower to draw their weapons when a threat is percieved. Well in a manner of speaking. They stand there in combat stance as if they were holding an invisible version of their weapon in their hands, until eventually they realise that they are not actually holding it after all, then they take the weapon out and begin to attack with it.
  6. There is just more stutter, jerkiness and lag in general. Again, unfortunately it seems to get worse as play sessions draw on.
  7. [later addition] At least two members have also come foward describing the occurence of what I am coming to know as the ‘warning window’. From what I have been told it entails a crash with an empty “prompt”:
    blank space
    X for OK

It is not just the frequency of the crashes, but also the severity. I have at one point, after attempting to load back in following a crash, had the game say ‘Data is corrupted, we will have to use back-up data’, losing several minutes worth of game in the process. :grimacing: @Tselem has similar occurences in his bug report thread. At one point it even froze on the loading screen while I was quitting the game. :flushed: I worry that I could be heading for a crash which may damage my save data. As a precaution, I have once again backed up my save game.

I am sorry if I have repeated some of my previous observstions from past threads snd ended up retreading familiar ground. However I just wanted to put every single possible variable and potential knock on effect on the table for you guys to tease it all out. Thanks for listening!

@Hugo or @Ignasi, a little help if we may my good fellows?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Instal the Mounts update
  2. Notice the corelation between duration of play time and decreased performance
  3. Notice that it seems to worsen when fast travelling around the Map
  4. Experience more crashes than I had in the past
  5. Report the issue

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i play this game an embarrassing amount of time, and can confirm all this stuff on my ol ps4 w lil nets as admin on a private server. in my case, it is all on a slope of severity for the longer i play in admin mode. i rarely stay out of it for long, but the slope becomes steeper as i use more admin powers and the issues worsen. what i have to add tho is that some of the locations i build at seem more buggy than others. also, now im grasping at the general concept of cache density in my builds so i use hanging braziers turning on and off as spacers to fluff em up between large draws like big altars and thrall wheel. using fence foundations and ceilings for a floor helps, in my head i think of how many pixels the parts are made of lol. less animations helps too lose the banners, thralls off tables (dancers cant grind 8[ . radium torches dont have an animation. aaand finally being more sparse with the random placeables. w all that and a bajillion thumb typed error msgs i built a lil town since the horseys. 8]


Nothing embarrassing about that at all jistsomeguy. :wink:

Sounds like you have the full collection there. I did not realise it, but perhaps the Admin Panel has a hidden hand in these issues. I always have the Admin Panel active whenever I play the game, so having never really had a prolonged session without it, I never suspected he was a potential culprit all along. This might be a possibility for the devs to explore.

@Zeb do you experience one or more of these at the moment too? If so which ones?

Crashed multiple times today on my server. Basically during admin. Ps4 private gportal server.

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i been makin more progress by loggin in admin doin my spawning, then closing the conan app altogether, go watch youtube to make sure my ps4 forgot the stuff then open it back up again without loggin in as admin, godmode will still be active and its less buggy… and wow, for real today i been seeing all those sweet textures im lovin it 8D

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I am experiencing the same issues. When I log out of the game I get that blank warning box message. The last time that I had these crashing issues I ended up having to delete my game and start fresh again, as even restoring from backups (I had multiple backups) did not resolve the issue.

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pretty sure last stream said they are they are workin on this to be fixed before the new year.

Ok @Zeb, @sestus2009 and @Duo you peoples are all experiencing crashes too hey. Zeb and Duo do you two tend to have Admin privileges when you play? Duo in your case mate, I would save your save data to a USB asap. And if you can back up the entire ps4 to a seperate External HD. You could try to rebuild the database if you havent. Failing that, if you have your save data backed up, you could try to uninstal then re-instal the Conan Exiles application on your ps4. But before you do either of those two, it might be best to just give the new hotfix a go. If past trends are anything to go by, then it should be out sometime this week.

Ok so the Admin Panel definately isnt the sole perpetrator in that case. The texture cycling issue is an immersion killer for me.

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I rarely use the admin privileges and the crashes happen when I was playing with non admin privileges. My plan is to wait for the update and then rebuild my database after doing a backup.

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No crashes so far. I only play official, so I think the crashes are mostly related when/after using the admin panel.
And that was already an issue in the past.

But I experience most of the things you described, except the NPC loading issue.

Edit: oh, Zeb crashed when entering inventories… Never had this with this patch. Have a PS4 pro and boost mode turned off.

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@Croms_Faithful taken down many standing torches tonight rendering seems better once patch hits will determine if we should take down more of our base
Really hope it is not necessary. Has anyone noticed the issue is worse with arena foundations. Side point wife’s told me not to drag any more of you home :roll_eyes:

Hey @Croms_Faithful

Please do remember to send the crash report through the PS dashboard once prompted so our team can get a hold of it and evaluate the causes.
Thanks in advance and apologies for the frustration.


Maybe an “auto turn off” for brazers (all light sources) should and could be useful, or even better the option to “set the time” when they are turned on. Basically all brazers in the exterior could simply auto turn off in the day light to save some memory?

Can I add some freshly new “delayed issue”?
unequipped my kambuian armor set (dyed) and gave to thrall.
My character only dismissed the new dye colour maintaining (graphically) the same set even if naked but in original coloration.
It took almost 50 secs to properly display as naked.
I’m not a programmer but feel all these kind of bugs are “son’s of the same mother” and all come from the same origin.

EDIT: Oh my game froze to death, while I’m writing!

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Just Reloaded and whoops… at least 30 minutes of gaming has been lost: still my kambuian set on me, still those walls to build up, still to do a lot of things.
Crashes are truly becoming more dense and deep, and I’m an offline player: I can’t figure what could be happening on online gaming!

Hi Ignasis.

Thankyou very much for responding to our concerns! I have just edited in number 7, which a number of users have confided that they are experiencing. Please forgive me, I am not trying to be pushy or rude here, but some these sound issues especially bad, with peoples save data at risk. Ignasis, will the coming hotfix address any or all of the issues we have compiled here? Or is it now too late, and will have to wait for a later Patch…? Just asking so that we can weigh up our immediate course of action and options in the meantime. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the crash reports. Due to my limited data I seldom ever play with the internet on. Im kind of an Offline Singleplayer in the truest sense of the word. Hahah. However, I am determined to do my part to help. I will have some play sessions while online as soon as I can. Although the next one may not be until friday. I will se what I can work out for you guys. :grinning:

I’m not entirely sure but is seems to me that the area around Great Dam/Liam’s refuge (the neighbours of Asgarth in general) is more susceptible of these issues.
Cannot speak for Volcano or Iced north but I played some time in desert/Jungle/noobriver in the last hour (after the last crash) and didn’t suffer any performance trouble.
Maybe it could be related also to the admin panel, I didn’t open it after the crash and thus I’m experiencing a lil’ less issues even in Asgarth.
I’ll keep an eye open to it.

We’d like to remind y’all the way to report a bug. Usually compiled issues into the same post will go unnoticed and the feedback will remain unfocused. Which is why we created these steps so we can correctly gather any feedback:

Regarding crashes, generally we’re most interested in making sure players are sending us those crash reports since they not only provide quantification but, most of the time, the exact reason of the crash.
Now, onto the main gist of the crashing issues reported in this thread, there are some crash fixes coming in the next patch or two that should cover for most of those situations described in this post, which seem to be out of memory issues of some sort regarding inventories and NPCs. A platform-specific hotfix was issued on Xbox recently tackling this problem since on that platform, the number of crashes spiked substantially over any other of the two platforms (it seemed to affect those with base or S models). On PS4 it will come bundled with the patch due to platform restrictions with the certification process.