No more updates for me

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First i have the original 500GB PS4. Got the game on PS+ last may or june. The game started to crash at the end of summer. I re-downloaded the game and since i have slow internet it took almost two days. The number of crashes started to increase after numerous game updates. Then in January i bought the game disc to avoid the long download time of the first time, and re-installed the game and installed the updates. In February i started to keep a records of the number of crash. I play solo offline and the time it takes from the time i click the game icon to the game screen is 6 minutes.
From February 16th to February 29th the game crashed 258 times with error CE-34878-0 for a total of 25.8 hours of loading times. That’s not counting the time spent on the blue screen. But the main culprit is the Admin panel. If i click on it just after getting in the game usually there’s no problem. But if i click on it a few minutes later it always crash. However sometimes it’s right at the start.
Another recent problem for everybody on PS4 at the end of last year, is the textures. When the problem started the textures were going on and off. Now the textures are on at the start and then go off. It is on the landscape and outfits. One example is the Derketo priest outfit which is black and gold. The black is now gone. It is now grayish brown. I get no crashes with other games.So with each updates we get new bugs along with other bugs fixes. It is always catch-up. So, to sum it up, it is the error CE-34878-0. With this new update nothing had changed. So that’s it for me, i see no point in downloading future updates and wasting bandwidth. What’s the point of getting new features if the game keeps crashing.


I know your pain my Internet is terrible and got original ps4 also. I had all the problems you’ve had and then some. Wish I would’ve kept records myself. For some reason all my issues were fixed between a couple updates last year. Wish I had a solution. I kinda gave up a while ago, we get an update/patch or two that are great and then an inevitable update/patch or two that almost break the fixes from before. I await the next fix for the current update so I can use the dlc I already paid for (like a fool) and I’m probably through as well. =) Happy Anniversary Conan Exiles (=

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I do have the first PS4 and worst internet ever: satellite. However I never experienced those problems. Or only a few times, but like all other games I’m playing. Also I’m being disconnect all the time (online), but it’s my internet connexion. So I’m wondering if it’s not your processor. You say other games are fine, but Conan is huge, the last update was merely the size of the free game they offer this month, so I guess the hard drive is always sollicited and processor at top speed.

I don’t like the huge update Conan are doing each 3-4 months, I see that’s the way they keep the game on by adding DLC. Last year I had to erase a few game making room for those updates. I think the main problem for you and I is our PS4 are old, I have 400 Go. But I’m waiting for the next one, was hoping this year.

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I just thought about something that already happened to me. Sometimes you have to clean the air intake of your PS4, exceptionnaly if you have a cat or a dog, otherwise you can’t feed the ventilation system to cool your processor, so when the processor is at top speed it’s getting too warm and crash.

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My Friend I am not to literate on PC internet stuff but I recently bought a harddrive from Amazon for about 79.00 to back up my 12 year old PC this harddrive holds 2.0 gigabytes. Fixed my problem I have heard of people running older systems off of a external drive @Cromsfaithfull

There are people who can help you through this having problems my self after update going to bed now good luck.

Hi. I’m pretty amazed you can run any recent games on a 12 years old PC. Good for you. And I quit playing on PC 7-8 years ago, but at that time we had to set the resolution according to what your PC can afford. You can’t do that on PS4, it’s always the highest resolution, so it takes a lot more ressources than playing low resolution on a PC. In fact there’s also big differences between old and a new PS4. And conan exiles takes 95 Go on my PS4 which is the biggest, by far, of all the games I have, next one is fifa20 at 47 Go. So I’m wondering you may be talking about the first conan game, not conan exiles.

I transferred the game to an external harddrive about 6 weeks ago and no change there. Still crashing. As for the size of the game , i also play Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 which is 110.3 GB and is on the internal drive and i have no problem with it. The same with GTA 5,and Dirt Rally 2.0 which are on the external drive with Conan and no problem with them. So i wish they would stop thinking about new stuff and concentrate on what we have now. The more features they add the bigger the problem we get. After installing the latest patch i started the game to check what was there. I was bringing a thrall to my wheel of pain and not even 20 seconds in the process the game crashed again. So i shut down the game. Still same problems.

The game is nothing but a beta I’m almost ready to let it go, if I can’t log in within the next 2 days and I lose my stuff because of decay I’ll Deff delete it and get some space back on my external drive

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3 cats that like to hang out in the entertainment center’s I built for my wife and my tv ps4 set up. Worse than we still had our trusty dogs :dog:

@Hugo could you please bring ops into the right thread and help him out thanks ahead of time hope you had a great weekend

i have had ALLLLLLLL the problems in offline sp, nothing online at all.

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My friend @Kalisto01 please listen to @jistsomeguy he speaks the truth. If you go online all most of your problems will be solved and your ps4 will stop sound like a helicopter :rofl::rofl::rofl:. We have been there where you are, please come to our side to keep having fun with this game.

Have you tried to reinstall the game?

Your history/favorites (of servers) will be gone.

It seems to me that the game should work regardless of playing offline or online. It’s like somebody telling me, that if i play between 1.00PM to 5.00PM the game doesn’t crash. Sounds pretty stupid to me. I think Funcom concentrate their efforts fixing bugs for online and don’t bother for offline. If they offer to play offline they should pay attention to the problems there also.


I never disagree ,with you on this one .

Hi @Kalisto01, can you share with us how old is the current save you’re playing in, and can you give us an estimate on how much you’ve built so far?

If possible, could you try to backup your singleplayer save to a pen drive and clearing up your save and profile, then starting a new game to see if the issues persist?

If not, we advise that you to reduce the number of light sources, NPCs and even building pieces, if possible, as the crashes are in many cases caused by high amounts of placeables in the same area, since the single-player client is unable to handle the same load as the online client, especially on console.

Additionally, please make sure to send the crash reports through the PS dashboard when this issue happens so our team can get a hold of them and look into the cause.

Sorry but i don’t know on how to send a crash report. I can say that i have buildings all over the map.Maybe about 30. I have thralls in each one. I can crash anywhere on the map with no buildings close by. Any action will provoke a crash. Walking, running , looking around, putting an armor on a thrall or loading the game. Since i have lots of buildings i play as admin. so i can move around the map fast. Since i like the challenge of building i often use the admin. panel and select the fly option in building. If i need to use the admin. panel i have to use it as soon as i get in the game. If i wait a few minutes to use it the game always crash. Sometimes the game crash as soon as i click on the admin. button. In any case i 'm not interested in starting a new game.

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Please let us know if this new hotfix has helped with the frequent crashing as we’ve addressed several of the major crashes that had been reported since the Followers 2 patch’s release.

@Kalisto01 Hi I am pretty sure the crash report he means to send the error report on to Sony when it asks permission. You can also type a message in provided space

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