Single player co-op crash

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash]

Today, crashes are happening every few minutes on singleplayer co-op. Host connection is fine, but those playing with are booted to black screen frequently. Sometimes minutes after joining, sometimes after an hr or so. We actually play co-op locally, multiple consoles in one house on the same internet. Usually issues are rare. Internet connection is fine, speeds actually better today than normal.

Note some other weirdness today - diving in water and chopping with pickaxe both felt “off” from the normal feel, and every menu open took 5-6 seconds.

A lot of people are crashing… I posted a possible short term fix here;

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They r going to fix it Friday the 13th but pc got there’s within the next day why can’t they just fix the login problem first and add the other fixes Friday so people don’t have to wait a week

Lifesaver! This explains why one of the Xbox ones wasn’t crashing… (on an old 720p tv!!). Thanks for saving our Saturday! Nothing worse than getting in a gaming groove and dealing with a crash :joy:

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Glad it helped! Hopefully it’ll see you through till they put out the hotfix. I’ve been using the console that crashed all day after using that method.

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