Single player co op crashes more frequently since update

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Highlands]

We play singleplayer coop, and since the update this week, our game crashes once every 30 minutes. We have a large base built in the highlands near the dam / aquaduct, with 100 standing thralls and 40 pets, and lots of buildings and crafting tables. The base is surrounded by a 30x80 wall thats 3 units tall, with 4 gates and crenelated walls on top. We also have a second base of similar size near the newbie startup area. We live pretty remote, so our internet can get a bit sketchy, but we did not have this many crashes prior to the xbox one update this week. Seems to crash more when we are at the base than when traveling around. We love this game, so we never give up hope! Hopefully this can be fixed with a patch soon!!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have a large base
  2. Play singleplayer coop with one other person
  3. Wait 30 min to an hr, while crafting, building, etc
  4. Game will crash to black screen
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Also, we are past the purge line. So perhaps this is tied to purge trying to execute? Download rate is 70+mbps.

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Thanks for the feedback @MotivatedChaff7. Our team will look into it.

Thank you! Its been a few days, same issue. Crash occurs every 35-45 minutes, like clockwork. Let me know if you need more info.

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@Ignasi any insight on this? Saw the patch today, but nothing about crashes in the report. We are about to sit down and play for a bit so I will report back on crash frequency.

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Hey @MotivatedChaff7

Our team is looking at crashing-related issues now, along with a few other lingering problems that are affecting the live game at the moment. There’s been no progress yet unfortunately, but they’re investigating.

I think this was related to the purge trying to fire. We went down to another base in the newbie area and got a purge to spawn there, and no more crashes (at least not every 30 min). So the purge triggering in the highlands was seeming to cause the crash.

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Thanks for the additional info. It might be related to a similar issue regarding the purge affecting PC, in which the game gets stuck trying to spawn a purge and getting stuck in a loop until server restart. In that case it didn’t involve a crash, but the event log was flooded with messages.
We’ll send this additional information to our team and see if that helps us get closer to the source of this issue.

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