Spontaneously crash with no apparent pattern nor reason. Whether 5 minutes or 5 hours, open field or populated city. Quite random, wish I could be more specific, but with nothing, seemingly, connecting these crashes, I’m at a bit of a loss as to a description.

Good luck, and God speed.

Our rented server has been buggy all day today and yesterday. Dashboarded a few times but the REAL issue was when I exited my newly built place up North and a second later the WHOLE place just vanished, All the places our guild built were either wiped out or partially vanished with floating thralls left behind…

Roughly 2 updates ago I started getting the single player mode crashes too. I thought it was totally random but I’ve begun to notice it usually happens when I run continuously for an extended time.

Hello, having same issue as well. Was playing offline in single player mode and was exploring in open territory. Then game froze and now cannot log in past start up menu, keep pressing blue x and just goes back to main menu. Also tried all of the trouble shooting fixes, re-boot system, re-set cache, re-installed game, etc. and still nothing worked. :frowning: