Game crashes every 5-10 minutes

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Hello, playing Xbox single player offline, the game has been crashing every 5-10 minutes. Seems to have been since the last update in December. Game is very bad today and crashes constantly. Hope to have a fix soon, thanks
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Hey @barterhawk

We’re sorry that you’re experiencing those issues. Could you be more specific? In which region does this happen to you? Do you have a large base? Pets and thralls? Any information would be useful.

Thank you in advance.

Hello Ignasis and thank you for the reply. Game seems to be running much better now. Not as much game/screen lag. Game only froze and crashed a few times recently. I was able to build and interact with work stations with no problems. More info per request-US region, Xbox one-S, single player offline, have several large bases, pets and thralls.

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Guess I spoke to soon, :frowning: game is having same issues as before again. Mostly crashes when interacting with workstations. Game freezes and goes back to xbox home screen. Having to re-start game takes awhile as well. Would having to large a base or to many pets, thralls be a problem? As isn’t that one of the objectives of playing?
Do not recall having so many issues prior to the Halloween event or recent December updates.

Our team is aware of crashing issues on the Xbox One and is working on a series of optimizations and improvements that will potentially help with many of the issues related to performance.

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