Xbox Coop - crashing to home screen

I have been playing a coop game with 2 friends, hosted on my xbox one X. We are probably at least 50 hours in, and just getting to end game content. Last night, while fighting a boss in the Wine Cellar, the game completely froze and my friends were dropped. Since then I have tried 8-9 times to restart the game, both in single player and coop, and every time it crashes to the xbox home screen.

I have tried restarting the xbox. Have tried joining an online server (worked fine), quitting, then trying to launch single / coop, crashes after a ~1min load screen.

Is there any fix for this? This has completely taken the wind out of our sails, we have been loving playing together, I even just bought the year 1 DLC pack and was considering buying the year 2 pack, but if our game save is lost we will be absolutely be quitting this game and would be extremely disappointed.

Would really love any input here, have continued to try to start the save all weekend with no success.

Have you tried to Power Cycle/Hard reset your Xbox one? Check out this video on how to do it.

Tried, unfortunately got the exact same crash to home screen

Hi @dan_foster11

We are aware of a crash that happens in the Wine Cellar. The team is currently looking into this issue.
Can you please let us know if you are the co-op session host?

We apologize for experiencing this in game and we hope that you will wait a little longer for this issue to be fixed.

Hi Dana yes I am the host of our co-op session.

Also thank you for breathing some hope into our situation here, if I’m being honest we were all but resigned and convinced our save was lost which was extremely disappointing. If we need to wait a few days or a week or two for a fix so be it, as long as we can continue our game we will be happy.

So instead of making a new topic I figured I’d post in this one since it is a very similar issue. Every time I try to load into single player or coop after about 30 seconds to a min it crashes me to the Home Screen.

I am playing on an xbox series x and i have already tried: reinstalling, hard resetting xbox, power cycling, and just waiting 2 days. Nothing works it still does it every time, it is currently unplayable.

The only difference is I didn’t enter a wine cellar or anything. I was just in my house and logged out like normal one night, then every time since then i run into this. Never had an issue prior to the update, I’m not sure if it has to do with that or not.

Was just looking to follow up here and see if there might be any idea of a time frame on when this might be fixed. We’d very much like to get back to our game

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