[XBOX ONE] Game not loading

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [UK]

I had the preview and paid for it when it became available. Game stopped working after most recent patch. Now does not load at all from Xbox. Tried erasing all and re-installing twice (on external HD and then doing uninstall and re-install on Xbox HD).

played preview and then bought the pre release with relatively few bugs or glitches, annoyed i cant play it now the full version is out?!

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I have my game data on an external as well but have only ran into this problem once and once I close the game out it didn’t happen again. I am using a physical copy of the game though.

Thanks for the reply mate. Im not wanting to spend more money on a physical copy of the game after paying the £41 via the store.

That’s understandable, especially since the infinite load is happening to me as well now when I try to play co op

One fix I found that works for co op.
2.start game
3.exit right after start
4. Start game.

And to get back on co-op at least
1.have host exit
2.have host re enter
3.wait 5 min
4. Have host send invite

I wish I could even get onto the game mate. I’ve sent emails to the customer service and heard ■■■■■■ all back. At this point I don’t even want the game I want my damn money back.

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Hi there,

While I cant speak on whether or not these workarounds are able to let you get past the issues that prevent you from playing, I can say that the devs are working on fixing several instability issues across all platforms. please keep a lookout for more information soon.

“Hot fix later this week” it’s saturday, so any update on that?

Marshmallow, thanks for replying mate but there is nothing of substance in your message. While i appreciate there is nothing you in your position can do can we agree that the response to both my issues and those of others have been “canine excrement”. Please see below the opening paragraph from my last email from Customer service:
“Hi there,
Thank you for the reply
I am very sorry for the frustration that I have caused in regards to the levels of service that I have provided. Please allow me to reassure you that this issue will get fixed as soon as humanly possible. I completely understand that the lack of information is incredibly frustrating and I would like to thank you for your frustration…”

Not checked for hot fix yet. but also had nothing on the updates yet.

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Hot fix seems to have worked. As happy as i am to be playing the game now, its left a bad taste in my mouth tbh. Awful and unprofessional game launch.


Glad you’re on stark, make sure to play solo for 5-10 minutes before playing the game rolls eyes. There’s still the same issues from before but in most cases it looks like everyone is able to play for 2-4 hours without crashing, the patch did add this cool effect to when you are in your base now though. You just kind of teleport and bounce around, it’s a good time

Try to play it on different modes, or according to me, the issue is about IP in the consoles. A few days ago one of my friends was also facing a similar problem of crashing into the window in between while playing a video game, which he had bought from the Press-start website at best deal. After seeking in depth, he got to know the problem was with window modes, he uses to plug in the screen to borderless which was not allowing the graphics to settle down properly.

EXACT. SAME. PROBLEM. since the 14.06.18 update

Why are the servers blocking people from connecting? Its one thing to crash but being able to log into every server but the one you play on thats the server i would think.

Xbox One Official Server 2204, my friends are playing fine on the server and they live within a mile of me. I am the only who fails to be able to connect. I randomly got kicked off the game and keep getting a message now saying failed to connect to host. Its been over 24 hours and still can not connect but can connect to any other server.