Game Does Not Load at all

**Game mode:Single-player

**Type of issue: Console won’t load past the title screen, then back to console dashboard…about 20 times, 5 after I did the power cycle …still the same


**Hardware:Xbox S

I just started the whole dang thing all over again…deleted every save and uninstalled every trace of the game…I’m just going to grind from the beginning of Exiles again.

This was the exact 1 year , to the date of purchase .

Looking forward to 3.0 keep up the good work.


Thank you for reaching out to us. Did the issue still persist after the fresh installation?

We await your reply.

I was having the worst issues playing the Siptah map…since, I’ve started all over at the beginning of the Exiles Map…There has been no shutdowns but there is a 1 second freeze and alot of stutter every 20 minutes or so…

Looking forward to 3.0

Thanks for the great game and the efforts to maintain it.


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Having the same issue, servers dont load. Just back to main menu. Is decay still on? Are we going to lose our stuff again because the game is broken, af? Im not willing to restart because fc messed up, again. Twice was enough.

When are you guys gonna get it together?

What changed to cause all these recent problems? All that was altered was rates, temporarily. Now there is a whole s___storm of reports. People cant log to refresh, and you guys cant manage to say a damned thing…gg

Whatever fool you have at the helm of your ship should be dumped overboard. Ignored xbox players for years and just went ahead with stupid decisions that ultimately lead us to this point. A completely destroyed experience, dwindled community, no playerbase, more bugs than a dumpster. Its just a joke at this point. A result of decisions. I hope fc gets sued.

Whole lotta job openings…which sucks because I’m very pleased to try to play a video game that doesn’t have anything at all to do with firearms.

Playing ce is like trying to put out an outhouse fire, why bother. Go do something else…

Greetings @MakeItBetter,

Please fill in a bug report of your own with the information regarding your case so we can better assist you.

Thanks for understanding.