Unfinished loading

Game mode: [ Select one: (Online private | Single-player]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Performance ]
Server type: [ Select one: PvE ]
Region: [ North America]
Hardware: [ Xbox One original, Xbox Series S ]

Bug Description:

Game doesn’t load everything. Hard to explain but the best example I can give is, Refuge of the Gremlins did not load all of the NPCs, on the Xbox One original, it loaded the first room and second room up to pulling the first door lever to move into the fiery cage room. On the Xbox Series S it loaded up until you go back up the stairs to the room before the boss chamber. No boss and no NPCs. Another instance was Foals didn’t load in, I spent 3 hours yesterday running in a loop around the tower looking for foals, none loaded. Booted up the game today and as I was running to the Elder Vault I saw 4 foals.

EDIT: left the Vault and went back in. More enemies had loaded where previously were non but still No Boss NPC

Expected Behavior:

All assets should load when starting a game.

Steps to Reproduce:

Load into elder vault and proceed as far as you can hitting switches.

Go admin > ghost > walk. Everything should then spawn in and the loot room access should work.

I’ll try that next time thanks. Can you explain why that works?

I am on a one S and the rendering and loading is making the game unplayable, everything renders or loads in about 15 seconds in front of me and somtimes I’ll just end up surrounded by enemy’s. This is single player and online. From what I’ve been reading online, alot of people with the older software are having extreme performance problems right now.

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