My Game Won't Start

After installing the update on Xbox today…my game will not load. I try to start the game and it closes down before it starts taking me right back to my home screen on Xbox. This happened with the last 2 updates. I had to uninstall and reinstall the game. It takes forever to do that and I can’t uninstall & reinstall to be able to play every time there is an update.

I was looking forward to buying the new dlc content but that’s not happening if I can’t even get the game to load.

Help please!


Have you tried rebooting your Xbox as well, and not just shutting it down but going into the options screen and doing a full shut down? I know it seems basic and obvious but you wouldn’t believe the number of times I forgot that Xbox doesn’t do a full reboot unless you tell it to.

I did a hard start on it and it didn’t help.

Ok, sadly my next recommendation would be to reinstall which is what you were trying to avoid.

Yeah…thanks though! Uninstalling & reinstalling after every update is just annoying and time consuming. Not sure I’ll keep playing & paying for a Gportal server if that’s the case. Stinks because I love the game.

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I really feel for you. My clan closed out our Gportal server and moved to a public server. Also I’m holding off on DLC until the crashes are fixed. I agree, I love the game and plan on playing it for a while but until it’s stable again (Early Access was a roller coaster ride but expectidly so) I’m going to hold out on pouring more money into it and enjoy what I can with the base game.

I purposely didn’t play it when it was in preview. I didn’t want the game to get old before the full release and was hoping to not have to deal with the headache that comes from playing a game in preview.

I won’t put any more money in to it at all. If things like this didn’t happen on a regular basis, I’d be more than happy to support the devs with buying the cosmetic dlc packs. Not doing that though when I can’t even play the game. I was ok with gameplay being glitchy to some degree. The way the game has been crashing so much lately and now this again…not sure it’s worth it. Hate feeling that way.

I had to uninstall and reinstall it AGAIN. I won’t do it anymore. If this happens again…I’ll just uninstall and cancel my server for it.