8/20/18 Update: Xbox One Crash On Startup

Game mode: [Offline| Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash On startup]

After the update on 8/20/18 when selecting continue game; offline; single player the game proceeds to load. Once the time or load bar gets to about 3/4 full the entire game crashes and kicks me out to the main Xbox One home screen.

Wanted to 1) bring this issue to the attention of Funcom, and 2) see if anyone else is having similar problems that I have described here.

Thank you.

** Sent in a formal complaint; waiting to hear back from Funcom.

If you haven’t done a hard reset or full shutdown of your xbox, give it a shot. The xbox will not properly clear the cache unless you do that.

Okay, thank you for the information. I ended up uninstalling the game and I am, as of now, reinstalling it. Perhaps this was a noob move on my part. Anyway, your information is appreciated for the future. Thanks Duke.

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