Xbox one (X) crashing

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Europe]

I’m currently experiencing the game crashing. It’s mostly happening on a PVP server(#2111). It also sometimes happens on the PVE server(#2017) I’m on, but not as often. The current “fix” is creating a character offline/singleplayer(before joining any server). Hope that detail can help finding out whatever is causing it.

How it crashes: the game loads, and there goes about 10 seconds from the movement I’m in the game, and it crashes. It doesn’t look like it’s any actions that causes it, like moving the character, crafting ect.

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Having same issue on my Xbox too…

yeah this one has been for all Xbox users across the board. I am hoping they fix it some time, but i just plan to load singleplayer every time I get on.

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Let’s hope they will in the next patch. In theory it would relatively easy, since they see/know what mechanics is going on when singleplayer is started. Maybe there is some sort of cache in the game that is affected by singleplayer, I don’t know.

well, i know games typically crash due to duplicating files of some sort. PUBG runs off of unreal engine
as well, and they had an issue where each time a match or everytime you opened a menu the game files would duplicate within the memory or something to that effect. it was putting too much stress on the memory and causing the game to crash. The fix was to restart the game after a match or two.

They were able to fix it, so I imagine Funcom should be able to do the same (also trillo shows this as under development)

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