Game crash during load

Game mode: Single-player | Co-op
Type of issue: Crash
Hardware: Xbox One S

Bug Description: I purchased the Isle of Siptah for my husband and I to enjoy. We played for 1 day. Hours spent building, exploring, having fun. We took a break and 2 days later I decided to start the Co-Op again to continue building. During the loading screen it crashed back to the home screen. I tried restarting, cache clearing, praying to the Gods. It continues to crash during the loading screen. I also tried loading Solo and still crashed.
If I load just the base game it loads in fine. It’s just Isle of Siptah. I paid money for a game I can’t even play.

Expected Behavior: Fix it. No more crashing.

Steps to Reproduce: Turn on the game, choose Co-Op, choose Isle of Siptah, game starts to load, crash. Every. Single. Time.

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