Damaged data, saving lost, terrain/clothes/A.I. not loading

Game mode: [OFFline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash & Performance ]
Region: [Italy]

Lately I’m suffering a lot of “new issues” that, as a single offline player, I never felt so invasive.
terrain is not loading even in free areas with not many (if any) torch or lights, not only: the terrain does not load and also the enemies seems not to load their equipment so the come running to attack me but they are unable to draw any weapons.
I waited a bit until reporting this, just to see if that was not a rare issue, but it seems going worse day by day, today I crashed and received a prompt about “damaged data” that could not be reloaded.
I lost "only " 5 minutes of game, not a so bad situation but, as I said, I never suffered any issue of this kind, or at least not in a so heavy amount.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Tselem it would seem that you are not the only one experiencing these issues mate. An increased rate of crashes too on my part. Also, based on the ‘like’… @Mavelle are you experiencing some of these too…? Like yourself I let them rest a while first, largely to see if it was going to be a recurrent thing or not, and also to see if it would sort itself out or not over time. I have done up a crash report thread compiling almost every new issue below, snd hsve linked them all together for the sake of easy avcessability. If you peoples need or want to go and describe your issues or add anything (or snyone rlse for that matter), youre welcime to do so. Its here:

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Yes, Croms, I gave a like particularly on this one:

Only I don’t even receive prompts anymore (which I assume were those empty warning boxes I showed in your other bug report).
Either I am able to disconnect from my game and go back to the main menu with no problems, or the game freezes while the loading saving screen is on, forcing me to shut down the game entirely (or worse, forcing me to shut down my PS4 if for some reason the menu the close the game does not appear - only game/function to do that to me). When I log back in I will have suffered a 5 mins rollback on my construction (I’m changing a city from T3 to Stables and Khitan so it’s quite noticeable). What I do as a precaution now is literally stand idle for 5 mins before I disconnect to try and prevent as much loss as I can. :confounded:

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My goodness that sounds really bad! I definately advise making a back-up of your save data ASAP. Have you tried to rebuild the database yet? If that doesnt work, and you dont see any improvment after the upcoming hotfix I have another idea or two we can try. Sorry if it is a silly question, but do you press □ on your bed before logging out?

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