34878 anyone that enters my basex

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***any suggestions? I was thinking it was my ps4 or internet. It happens to everyone though. Also tons of lag in\around my base.
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I’m unsure what your asking? Your problem isn’t very clear.

Are you complaining about people running through your base? Maybe don’t build in a high traffic area. Or provide an alternative route for them to go around? I dunno.

Are people getting inside an enclosed locked base? There’s a problem with slow rendering that causes this. It’s in the notes for the patch for PC, people won’t be able to load loot your base. Eventually probably trickle to consoles.

34878, blue screen caused by corrupted data. The problem is Not the ps4 or is it an update issue. The problem is something in the game that’s corrupted that is making anyone who enters the base blue screen or just have their game freeze until you close app.

I had to restart my coop server because of this, hundreds of hours went into what I built…they seriously never should have released this with that kind of bug.

same I am on croms descent careful when running near the newbie zone I placed over 300 thralls do not go this way your game will freeze about 900 blocks placed