Three Trips Home, Three Blue Screens

Game mode: Server 3890
Problem: Blue Screen Crash in my home base
Region: US

I went back to my main base three times yesterday, and had three blue screens. It is no longer happening right when I enter. Sometimes, I have done a few things inside before I get a crash. We were well over the Purge meter line last night, and the joke was, “We better get to the fort early, so we can reload before the attack.”

Another player from another clan came in the base to use the map, and he had a nice blue screen crash.

Yet another player uses the map all the time, and he has no issues.

Anybody have any clue?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play the game
  2. Walk in my home base
  3. Don’t breathe
  4. Restart the game
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Step 3: Don’t Breathe.

That’s your problem you should not be holding your breath. All jokes aside I specifically avoid @speedice base because of blue screen issues. It is big it has pets and thralls and all the glamorous things the game allows. I think at this point even having some stats on what the PS4 can handle would be welcomed info. If it’s something that can’t be fixed from patches and updates.

What makes it worse is that it isn’t even close to the biggest base on the server. Other bases are larger, more pets, thralls, etc, and I have no issues with them.


Hey @speedice

Please send the crash report via dashboard so our team can take a look into what could be the cause.

Thanks for your feedback

I would venture to say most of us have been I know me an my wife have but it’s very silent other than send report or were working on it an it has been months need a lil more than that sat this point not being disrespectful at all just frustrated to the point of about to walk away from a game I love cause it’s unplayable without a. Crash everytime I go to any of my bases now


We’re sorry for the frustration this issue is causing. Our team is looking at all the crash reports they have access to and trying to determine if there is a common cause for all of them.

Thank u an please don’t take my frustration wrong this is on of my all time favorite games an my wife loves to play it with me which to me makes it even more special iam so critical an hard on the game because I love it I’ve dropped several games after paying 69 bucks for several reasons but to me to b able to spend time with my wife an play a awesome game we r both love it makes me feel …more passionate about ur game my critic an opinion come from a place of love thank u for ur time

@Ignasis You should be getting multiple reports every day. Every one we play with sends reports. It’s not a rare thing.

Also, if you could look into the whole restart the benches/wheels thing every time you log in, that would be great.

Not even going to mention the “Arrow hand” issue. Oh, too late.


We issued a fix yesterday on PC, so it should be included in the parity patch once it’s released.


Thanks man. We do appreciate it.

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I do have one question. When the PS4 patch does come, what exactly are the changes? There’s been so much back and forth, and combination of patches, I don’t remember seeing a definitive list of what we can expect. Is there a link?

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The parity patch should include all the new stuff added in all the patches and hotfixes released until that date to make all platforms equal. In this case, it should include these:

Due to the enormous list of changes, however, we might consider splitting it into a few patches or releasing smaller patches that address console-specific issues before. We just tweeted about it yesterday since it is a question that is being brought up (understandably so) very often.

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