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Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: central United States

I’m on server 3510 I love this game everything about it but I keep freezing an getting a blue screen crash when I go to my main camp I can’t even go in it now without crashing I can only go there drop off food for thrall rest the decay timer an leave I just need some acknowledgement from someone. Please I don’t need a promise or a date just a yes we are aware hold on we r looking into fixes to b released at some point an I’m not being fool hearty for waiting for news of the fix please I love this game I’ve bought two copy’s one for me an my wife an all the Dlcs I truly love this game please let me know something

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Sorry I’m on ps4pro she’s on ps4 both suffer this issue


My wife and I were having similar experiences on our server bases is round several stories lots of thralls and animals had to move alot of them away to stop slow down when entering or worse just to much going on? Hope this helps.

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Thank u I’ll try to nite even gonna try breaking up like I’ve got a vault full of steelfire gonna distribute some to othe camps maybe hopefully it’ll help thank u

I think it’s the activity more than stuff .good luck

Not sure cause I have maybe twenty thrills an about 15 animals ill try moving them first see if that helps thank u

Can any funcom cumminity manager please give me a update on my blue screen crashes please only in my camp dies it crash not looking for promise just a reassures that a fix is being worked on please an thank u

Can you walk backwards towards it?

I get this from time to time, (or turning camera quickly in area with alot of player items) its usually, to much stuff in one spot, or someone is putting abunch of items near your base.

It’ll all load my whole base everything runs pretty well pieces in a bit then bout ten twenty mins I freeze blue screen crash

I would suggest take some stuff down, (lights, or anything that can help reduce load.
Ps4 anyway, I noticed if i go to “crazy” with lights, chairs, tabless, carpets, thralls… houses (empty, for looks) in my forts the game will crash. (much as Fo4 does when you get crazy)

Or maybe someone near by (if online) is building abunch of items near your base to be a jerk.

I use to have a small fort outside New Asgard, but noticed by time i got to “mid-size” base it would Chug badly, and crash game. Or run fine for 5-10mins and then drop FPS quickly.

I would move, or try reduce whats loaded and see if it helps.

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