And We're Back. Blue Screen Crash at Home Base, Every Time

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash
Region: US 3890

It had stopped after a few of the updates, but since the last two updates, the blue screen hits every time I return home. One of my clan mates loses internet connection when he crashes, only at home base.
I just crash, report the problem, reload, and go on about my business. It’s gotten to the point that I expect it. At least the mass player usage has gone down and I don’t have problems getting in the server.

I have PS4 Slim, SSD internal and external drives. We think the problem is the RAM on the slim, but I don’t have a Pro to test this theory.

We found if there’s too much thralls and pets in a base it will crash any regular ps4s.

There are bases on our server with 100+ thralls/pets. I have no issues there. I only crash at the main base. I don’t crash at any of our other bases. We have 35 thralls, and about 30 pets scattered over a rather large area.

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