Games crashes when I return to the main base...every time

We are on server 3890, and every time I leave our main fort to explore, kill, etc, when I return, I will get a blue error screen when I walk into the gate. If I’m lucky, I might get to the building door before it happens. This occurs every time I return home.

After reloading, I might find myself halfway down the valley, outside the wall I was in, or wedged behind a statue against the building. Last night, my character continued walking into palisades and I entered the game naked in my room, trying to figure out what happened, and where my body was. I’ve had to build fences along the rear of the fort in case I am walking towards the cliff with a thrall in tow when it crashes.

What is the deal here? I don’t get this problem at any other build we have. Will the new bug fix/render fix solve this?

Hey there @speedice

We’re sorry that you’re experiencing this issue. Is the base you’re experiencing this crashes big/complex and has a lot of thralls and pets?

It is a large base, with a lot of supplies. I thought the thrall issue was the problem, and we took steps to eliminate unnecessary animals and low level fighters. It still crashes, but if I don’t wander too far away, I can go into the base a couple of times before if crashes.

We are near the bat tower, and I had lured the King Scorpion into our kill pit before walking up the hill to get more arrows. It Crashed, and I logged back in naked in the desert. My body at the bottom of the cliff I had just run over.

We’ve had friends with larger bases and more animals not experience the problems we have. They have lag issues, but not crashes.

By some of the symptoms you’re pointing out, it seems to be an out of memory problem. We’ve heard reports previously of those “boss kill pits” causing similar issues.
One of our actual priorities is to work on performance and optimization improvements that will hopefully alleviate some of these issues. One of those first steps is the optimization in loading player-made structures we released on Testlive and the fix to “death lag” introduced in the latest PC hotfix. Although we don’t still any estimate time set in stone yet for the Testlive patch, the hotfix containing all the new fixes and tools introduced during the past few weeks on PC are almost ready to be released on PS4 and Xbox One, which are currently undergoing certification by Sony and Microsoft respectively.

Me an my wife are experiencing it aswell she had to make a separate base cause she keep getting blue screen in our largest base k iam aswell now once or twice a nite alotta ps users are having this issue

Usually, when I do lure the scorpion in the pit, I have no issues. But if I use the map to travel from the volcano to the Sinkhole, and I don’t crash when I enter the base, I can expect to crash when I open my inventory to put away loot. It makes little sense.

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On an unrelated topic, one of our playing partners has a full Purge meter. I mean it is solid. He hasn’t had a Purge in two months. Meanwhile, my clan has had six, including two back to back one night. Last Saturday, we were online, and our meter had just reached the line when a Purge was announced for us.

Yet, the other clan can’t get a purge. We want these purges, but we also want the Purge Thralls that come with them. Among the four clans that play together regularly, we’ve had 20+ purges, and only twice was there a named thrall. Both times it was Du’neman the Dragoon, who we can get all day in the Den. Where are the Alchemists? We want some white and black dye people.

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